Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic games Wii


Story  5/10
Apparently the 3DS has a story mode but since I'm reviewing the Wii version its a different story. The Wii version has no story mode and no real story. Its basically the Olympics are being held and the main characters of Mario and Sonic are both competing in them for some reason.

Controls 9/10
Other than your Wii mote going crazy for a second (or it may just be mine) its perfectly fine.

Graphics 7/10
Their good but nothing special.

Music 6/10
Its nice and sporty and sounds like music that would probably play during sports events.

Gameplay 8/10
This game lacks a real solo mode but the events are so fun to play and in my opinion the best in the series. The Party Mode could have been done better. If your playing with friends the events and party mode are a blast but if your by yourself the party mode is just... meh... the COM players don't do much and its mainly up to you to activate most of the events. There are some party mode exclusive games but they are mainly spot this, fight over that, tag him/her, or find this. Its fun but I would have much rather have had a solo mode.

Other than Free Play and Party Mode there are no other modes other than Bonus which is records, dress your Mii,and the shop and Options.

Replay Value 8/10
Despite its flaws this game has such fun games you will be coming back again and again to play them. So I guess the replay value is rather high.

Overall 78/100
Its a nice fun game but I still recommend the Winter Olympics just because I feel like it offers more mode wise. It has a solo mode, a multiplayer story mode, three party events, and slightly more customization while London Games just has free mode and a party mode with a slightly improved Mii dress up mode. Also I find it weird that only the girls had alt outfits. Why not the guys?

Well for my first review I think I got threw it okay. I'm sure I probably got something wrong but eh.