Mario Party Interactive: 2 Year Anniversary!!

It's MPI's 2 Year Anniversary!
It's been exactly 2 years a go today that I started my very own MPI game... September 30th, 2010... that was the day, that started everything for the MPI series, along with Mario Party forum games in general. I'd just like to say thanks everyone for participating in the MPI games and keep watching of it, without the support everyone and the MPI Crew, I wouldn't be here... Here's to more years to come!! Thank you all, God Bless!!


So glad to see you accomplish this... You've done an AMAZING job with MPI and I, along with the other people of the MPI crew, will always be there to support you with MPI. I can't wait to see more of your juicy MPI ideas! ;) You've also been an inspiration to me by helping me with MPE... (Which I REALLY need to start working on again :p)
It's really hard to believe that it's already been two years, but like the others have said, look at how the series has grown! :'D It's certainly been filled with lots of happy memories, a few sad ones (the original closure here and then the hideout), and undoubtedly a few hiccups as well (me and VIP in particular) but you've pulled through and continue to deliver nothing but the best in what you make and organize. Simply outstanding Staryu~

Keep the mothership sailing, the crew here have got your back whenever you need the help ;)

Congratulations on two years, here's to many more -raises... glass of Blue Raspberry Juice?-