Mario Party 6

One of my favorite games and the best Mario Party in the series imo. Let's begin the review.

(something I made in art class) :

The story is kiddish, I'll admit that. However, it does bring a new feature(well it was used in MP2, but only on one board and didn't affect the mini-games). The main story is the sun(Brighton) and the moon(Twila) arguing. Mario and his friends throw a party to end their feud. They try to earn stars to fill the star bank and try to end their feud.

Controls10/10 or 8/10(with mic)
Well there's another new feature here: Mic Mode. Mario Party 6 comes with a microphone. However, sometimes the mic doesn't understand you, even if you say it clearly. Like a few times in the Speak Up mode, I said Wario and the game thinks I said Mario. And once my friend said Peach and it thought he said Ukiki. Luckily, you have the option of doing mic mini-games, but with the controller. You press the R button during a mic game and then select the choice you want. However, you can't do Mic Mode secrets. Like saying 0 in the mini-game "Shoot yer Mouth Off".

The graphics are great, it's all very nice to look at. Yeah, not much to say here :p

Not the best music, but definitely not bad. This Mario Party has mostly Jazzy music and it sounds exciting, fun, calm, relaxing and catchy. I really like that on boards, the nighttime music is different from the daytime music.

Like in every Mario Party, players compete to be the superstar in party mode. This Mario Party has the best items, boards and good concepts on each board imo. Honestly, there are no boards I hate. My least favorite is Castaway Bay, but it's alright. There's also your mini-game mode, options mode and star bank.

There are 2 new modes in this Mario Party: Mic Mode and Solo Mode. Mic Mode is where you can do a quiz with friends. Players compete to get the most points. Points are earned whenever a player answers the question correctly. There are 5 difficulties and 5 types of questions: Picture, Counting, Memory, Comparison and Variety(which is pretty much the same thing as picture :p). The harder the questions is, the more points it's worth, however the points timer will drop faster. Each player gets to answer 5 questions(unless a person gets the answer wrong and someone else buzzes in). So 2 players, there will be 10 questions and so on. If you're lucky enough, you can find panels. Panels can increase the points you get, make the question easier or give you a second chance. Mushroom doubles the points you get, Gold mushroom triples, Fire flower makes the question easier and the Star gives you a second chance(your rivals can't buzz in if you get it wrong the 2nd time). Make sure you do your best whenever you find a panel, as your rivals can use it if they buzz in. If you're stumped, you can always ask for a hint. They can help you solve even the hardest questions. If the player gets the question wrong though and hasn't used his/her hint, your rivals cannot use the hint. You only get 1 hint, so make it count! On occasion, Bowser will appear. All these panels are gone. Instead, there are 3 new panels: Ztar, Pipe Panel and Bob-Omb. Ztar brings up a luck-based question. You have to guess what Bowser wants to eat. Pipe Panel allows you to steal points from other players if you get the question right. However, your rivals can use it if you get it wrong. Bob-Omb makes the question harder and makes your points timer drop very quickly. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.

Star Sprint is a mode where you run with the star to the finish line as fast as you can. I recommend using the controller. There are 3 different obstacle courses. Each one gives you a different amount of stars after you've completed it. It's only 1 player though.

Mic mini-games are mini-games where you use the mic. It's a lot more fun with the mic than the controller. The lone player is the one who uses the mic, while the other 3 use the controller.

Solo mode is where you play on a board, by yourself, trying to earn coins and mini-games. There are 3 different boards. You have to try to land on the very last space. Going past the last space you make you lose all the mini-games and coins you've earned. There are 2 items that will help you. Poison Mushroom makes the dice go from 1-3. Sluggish shroom makes it slow so it'll be easier to get the number you want. The dice only goes from 1-6 in this mode. The spaces are mini-game spaces. Duel, 4 player, 2vs2, etc. Everytime you win a mini-game, you get 10 coins(unless it's a coin mini-game). When you land on a 2vs2, your partner that you selected is the one who works with you. 1vs3, you're the lone player.

Star Bank is where you can buy things, like a board, a character, sound tracks, music and much more.

Replay Value10/10
This Mario Party has loads of replay value imo. It has the day and night system, awesome boards, good items and fun mini-games. I play it a lot, by myself or with friends.

Overall54/60 or 52/60(with the mic)
An amazing game. I strongly recommend getting this if you haven't for some reason. Might be old, but still fun.

Gonna do a review on each board soon.
Towering Treetop


I put Yellow on the spaces to show the set star locations. The star locations are the same, regardless when it's Day or Night.(I am really a MP6 nerd :p)

Towering Treetop is your basic board; buy the star for 20 coins and then it moves to another space. But it's a fun board. During the Daytime, the pink flower is open and sends you up to the left side on the trees. The Boo House is closed, as Pink Boo sleeps during the day. ? spaces during the day will can cause you to lose coins, make everyone get coins, or send you to random spaces(by taking the fluff or the giant tree sneezing).

During nighttime, the blue/purple flower on the right opens and sends you to the top right part, while the pink one on the left, is closed. During the night, try not to have 3 spaces remaining at the junction near the pink flower, otherwise you're forced to land on Bowser :p the ? effects pretty much have the same effect, except the ? space in front of the tree at the top cause EVERYONE TO LOSE coins. The Boo House is open at night. If you pass him, you can steal coins from another player(costs 5 coins to steal coins) or a star (costs 40 coins to steal a star). If you have a Boo away Orb, you're protected. However, it's gone after Pink Boo tries to steal from you. You can have more than 1 Boo-Away orb, though.

Orbs available here: Spiny, Goomba, Thwomp, Kamek, Mushroom, Golden Mushroom, Sluggish Shroom, Flutter, Warp Pipe and Boo-Away. Actually the Mushroom, Golden Mushroom and Sluggish shroom are available on every board :p

Overall 8/10
Not the best board, but it's definitely not bad. If you're new, try this board first.
E.Gadd's Garage


Again, I put yellow on the set star locations.

E.Gadd's Garage is my favorite board in Mario Party history. While it is just a basic board, the ? spaces, orbs you can get and the scientific theme makes it exciting. The Star space on the intersection in the middle of the board can change spots(it'll always be on that blue space, but it might make you go all the way around).

? spaces during the day here can make you earn coins(by either the fan, which steals coins from your rivals(rivals have to repetively press A so they don't lose as much) or by landing on the ones on the conveyor belts, which also transports you to the blue space right before the first junction). The one that makes you go through that pipe gives you more coins. Also, if anyone else is on the conveyor belt, they will go with you and all the character spaces/roadblocks will dissappear. Other ? spaces allow you to transport to other areas(your choice), change your orbs(it's your choice, but you have to put ALL your orbs if you accept) and set traps(again, your choice). You can set from 1-5 traps, however it's random and you have to pay.

At night, the intersection will rotate(it rotates again when it's day) which will make you go in a circle if you go by the intersection. All the ? space effects are the same, except for the one where you put in orbs. Instead of changing your orbs to different orbs, they change into coins. How many coins you get will depend on what orbs you put in and how many orbs you put in.

Orbs available: Goomba, Pirahna Plant, Kamek, Mr. Blizzard, Klepto, Bob-omb, Podoboo, Zap, Paratroopa, Bullet Bill,(tip: you can use it to avoid roadblocks, however the roadblock will not dissappear and the direction you go at a junction is random) Metal Mushroom and Flutter.

Overall 10/10
The best board imho. If you enjoy setting traps, getting coins and science:)P) then this board is definitely for you.
Faire Square


There's no need for me to put yellow on the spaces, as there's only 1 star space in this board.

Faire Square is unlike any other board in the previous Mario Parties: There's only 1 star space, which is in the middle of the board. There are 2 events here which you can do by passing the green arrows. It's your choice if you want to do that event or not. The theme is a town with many buildings. I think it's an okay theme. As for the events, you can play the slot machine or the star shuffle.

Slot Machine gives you a chance to earn coins. There's a 5 coin fee during the day. How many coins you get depends on what you line up and what time of day it is.
3 coins: 10 coins
3 Mushrooms: 15 coins
3 Fire Flowers: 20 coins
3 Treasure Chests: ?
As for the Treasure Chests, how many coins you get will vary. There's a bank, right? Well everytime someone plays, the coins in the bank will go up. During the day, everytime someone plays, the coins in the bank will increase by 5 coins. During the night, 10 coins. So if there's 300 coins in the bank, you'd get 300 coins for lining up the treasure chests(which has happened to me before :p)
3 coins: 20 coins
3 Mushrooms: 30 coins
3 Fire Flowers: 40 coins
3 Treasure Chests: ?
Of course, as the earnings are doubled, the wheel will spin faster, making it harder.

Star Shuffle is an event where you can turn 1 star into 2(or 3 if it's nighttime). There's a 1 star fee though. Hats will shuffle. Pay attention to the hats because if you get it wrong, you don't get your star back. Of course, since you earn a 2-star profit instead of a 1-star profit in the night, the hats will spin faster and there are 6 hats instead of 3. Daytime is easy to follow and they spin a lot slower.

? spaces here during the day include being transported to spaces and coin swapping. The ? space where the broom comes out brings you either 1 space after the star space, or right before the star space. The ? space where you go in the house will bring you to the first space of the board. The ? space involving coin swapping requires all players to select a chimney that they think would grow the tallest. The one with the tallest plant gets a 30 coin profit(assuming all players had 10 coins).

? spaces at night are the same, except for the coin swapping. It's now STAR swapping. The winner gets a 3 star profit(assuming all players had 1 star)

The concept of this board is to get to the star space, however, you can buy up to 5 stars, as long as you have enough coins. The star space never moves. During the day, stars always cost 20 coins. During the night though, stars can cost either: 5, 10, 30 or 40 coins. If stars cost 5 or 10 coins, then go buy them! After all, who doesn't love 75%/50% discounts (respectively)? :p

This is a board where strategy is required. Ex: it's 1 turn before night ends. Stars cost 40 coins. You have 90 coins. Do you rush to buy 2 stars, or wait a turn to get 4 stars(you also need to spend 10 coins to by pass Whomp). Speaking of Whomp, Whomp is blocking a shortcut to go around the circle. If you wish to go around the circle, you must pay him 10 coins.

Orbs available: Pirahna Plant, Toady, Goomba, Podoboo, Thwomp, Zap, Bullet Bill.

If there's a complaint I have, it's how many turns it'd take to get to the star. Unless you get the broom and land on the space right before it, It'll take like 5 turns before you can get the star. I'm not saying that the star should be accessed on like the 1st turn or something like that, but 5 turns is a bit long.

Overall 9/10
If you can wait the 5 turns and enjoy getting stars, swapping coins and gambling:)P), then this is for you.

Snowflake Lake


I have no idea why the night one is bigger than the other one :p but anyways.

Snowflake like is unlike any other board in the previous Mario Parties; There aren't any star spaces. Instead, you have to steal them from your rivals. How? by passing them while riding Chain Chomps. Each player starts with 5 stars(If you put handicap on, it'll be 5+x(x= how many stars you put in handicap)). The theme is a winter wonderland. I think it's a cool theme(no pun intended).

As I mentioned before, you use Chain Chomps to steal stars. There are several Chain Chomp houses. Whenever you pass one, you are asked if you wish to ride a Chain Chomp. If you pass a rival while riding one, you steal their star. However, your turn will end after your ride on the Chain Chomp is over. So whatever space you land on will have it's effect and you cannot move extra spaces with your roll. So Mushrooms and Golden Mushrooms aren't too useful here.

During the day, the chain chomps will charge you 20 coins and you can only roll 1 dice block. ? spaces here during the day include being sent to start and skating for coins. At the top of the board, those ? spaces will send you back to start. Anyone in the path from the 1st blue space that's before the 1st Chain Chomp House to the red space right after the 2nd Chain Chomp house will be sent back to start by a giant snowball. In the middle of the board are the ? spaces where everyone can get coins. You have 15 seconds to collect as many coins as you can by skating on the pond. Try not to bump into anyone while skating, because it stuns both of you and prevents you from collecting coins for a short time.

During the night, Chain Chomps charge you 10, 20 or 30 coins, but allow you to roll 1, 2 or 3 dice blocks for their respective prices. ? spaces are the same, except for the ice skating. It's instead a snowball fight and you try to steal coins from others. After hitting your rivals with a snowball, they will be stunned for a bit, drop their coins and gives you the opportunity to get those coins. You can still get your own dropped coins. Also, there's 3 ? spaces in the center, instead of 1 in the day. Don't put any orbs on either of those spaces. However, there are Freezies blocking every junction at night, except the one Whomp is blocking. Therefore, there are less safe places. Like in Faire Square, Whomp charges you 10 coins to pass him.

Like in Towering Treetop, there's an orb that can protect you from 1 attack. It's called the snack orb. Snack Orb will prevent you from losing a star 1 time if a rival passes you whenever you have it, regardless if it's day or night.

Orbs available: Spiny, Piranha Plant, Goomba(might be wrong on that one), Tweester, Podoboo, Metal Mushroom, Warp Pipe, Paratroopa and Snack.

Overall: 7.5/10
The star stealing concept was interesting. A thing I don't like is I barely get the Snack Orb and CPUs get it so often. Plus I find there's a bit too many duel spaces. That's just me though.

Castaway Bay


Already a set Star/Ztar location.

This concept is similar to Mario's Rainbow Castle from Mario Party 1. You try to get to DK's Ship and try to avoid Bowser's Ship. Getting to DK's Ship will give you a star as long as you have 20 coins. Landing on Bowser's Battle Yacht will make you lose a star or 20 coins. Whether or not you pay DK, the ships will swap positions. The board is made up of 3 islands and a port where the players begin. At the northern island, there's an event that you may choose to do. Another board with strategy required.

Like I said, there's an event you may choose to do at the northern island. If you noticed, there's a river that flows downstream. Players may take it for a shortcut to DK/Bowser(I have no idea why you'd want to be closer to Bowser :p) for a 10 coin fee. If DK's boat was at the star space, then Bowser would try to attack you with cannonballs. It all depends on luck if you get hit or not. If you got hit, you'd lose 5 coins and your turn would end.

? spaces during the day include getting coins, swapping the ships' positions and getting orbs or coins. ? spaces where the players ring the bell cause the ships to swap positions. If DK was there, Bowser would be there instead and vice-versa. The ? space on the 1st island with the tree allowed the player who landed it to get coins. They simply move around and jump. If a Spiny hits them, they would be temporarily stunned, therefore, preventing them from collecting coins for a short time. The ? space in front of the mushroom statue is where the player who lands on it, can get an orb(either Mushroom, Golden Mushroom, Sluggish Shroom or Metal Mushroom) or some coins(I've never gotten coins before, but that's what Mariowiki says :p) if they pay their respects to the mushroom spirit(you just have to select yes or no :p)

? spaces during the night are the same, except that instead of a mushroom spirit, it's a goomba spirit. Whether or not you pay your respects to the Goomba spirit, it EVERYONE is forced to swap places. Also, like in Towering Treetop, Pink Boo is available at night. Pink Boo can steal coins for a 5 coin fee or a star for a 40 coin fee.

Orbs available: Spiny, Klepto, Mr. Blizzard, Bob-omb, Podoboo, Metal Mushroom(only available from the mushroom spirit), Warp Pipe and Boo-Away.

Overall: 6.5/10
I'd like this board better if had better orbs :p The music here is nice though. At day, it's all happy and cheery, while at night it's calm and relaxing.
Clockwork Castle


Small picture :p Couldn't find any bigger ones.
Clockwork Castle is similar to Castaway Bay, but I like Clockwork Castle better.

How is it similar to Castaway Bay? Well, you try to get to DK and avoid Bowser. Unlike any other board, DK/Bowser will take their turns(they move) after all players have taken their turn. As you notice, there are warp pipes on this board. These warp pipes will bring to the other warp pipe(green will bring you to the other green one and red will take you to the other red one). They can help you get to DK or avoid Bowser. Also, there are no DK/Bowser spaces on this board.

During the Day, DK is there. If you run into him or he runs into you, you can get a star. If you run into him though, he'll move to a random space. You need 20 coins to get a star from him, whether you run into him or he'll run into you. Note that in this board, the star space does count against your roll if you run into DK and buy the star from him. Sometimes DK will eat a banana, allowing him to roll 2 dice blocks. ? spaces during the day include being sent to start, fishing for orbs, turning Day into Night, warp pipes shuffling and getting a present from Brighton. The ? space behind Brighton's Temple is the one that sends you back to start. The ? space behind Twila's airship is the one where you can fish for an orb. However, you might lose all your orbs. If you get a Bob-Omb, you lose all your orbs. If you land on the ? space where Brighton's Temple is, you can choose a chest and you'll get either 10 coins or a star. If you land on the ? space where Twila's Airship is during the day, nothing will happen. You go clockwise during the day.

During the Night, DK transforms into Bowser (somehow :p) If you run into him or if he runs into you, you lose a star or 20 coins if you don't have one. Like with DK, Bowser moves to a random location after someone runs into him and he can use 2 dice blocks if he breathes fire. You go counter clockwise during the night. ? spaces don't change, except for getting the reward. Nothing will happen if you land on the ? space in front of Brighton's Temple during the night. You can get the same rewards if you land on the ? space in front of Twila's Airship during the night. As you notice, there's a clock at the top of the board with the sun and moon on it. Well, decided by the roulette wheel, you can change Day into Night and vice-versa. Also, the red pipes are disabled, so only 2 pipes are available.

Orbs available: Spiny, Pirahna Plant, Toady, Tweester, Thwomp, Paratroopa, Metal Mushroom

Overall: 8/10
I don't play this board that much, but I love the strategy on this board. The music here is cool. Concept was interesting. Like Cook said in his article, things can get crazy, but you can control your own destiny, which is a good crazy.