Mario Party 11

My Mario Party 11 Predictions:
- 16 playable characters (12 start, 4 unlockable)
- Online Play and local play up to 8 players is included.
- 12 boards (6 for classic board game and 6 for car)
- Car mode is not mandatory in MP11.
- Classic Mode will not feature boss battles, but car mode will.
- Boards will not be bland in either mode in this game. Both modes will have unique boards.
- First Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch; releases Q2 2019.
- Story mode will include boss battles. Boss battles will include both familiar faces that Mario has taken on and brand-new original characters created for Mario Party 11.
- Game will include 80+ miningames.
- Both Bowser Party and Amiibo Party will return. In this game, Bowser Party will have Bowser Jr. playable as well.
*Note: All of these are my recommendations. *
I think you're putting your expectations a bit too high, Jakeawesome6! But here are mines:

- Follow-up to Mario Party Star Rush.
- All the boards in the main mode are both playable in Toad Tumble mode or in Balloon Bash mode.
- Idea of 3 boards by themes is dropped for fewer but more varied boards.
- Game offer more customisation (Minigame sets, number of turns/stars for each boards,etc...)
- Car system & Coinathlon will probably not return...
- New bonus modes, characters & other goodies as unlockable in the Toad Shop! Minigame Mode contains all the unlockables bonus modes.
- I would love online in this and it can happen but I think it won't, sadly...
- Story Mode is back with Toad Tumble mode only and the game have some sort of plot!
- The game will have DLC in forms of new Minigame Modes & boards!
- It will have more Minigames than Star Rush and 4 different types of them (4VS (30%), 1VS3 (15%), 2VS2 (15%) & Boss Battles (40%))
- Bigger variety of spaces & items. Some additions from Top 100 will return and there will be 10 different duel microgames!
- Roster will be Star Rush's but with new enemies characters! (Prediction: Spike, Shy Guy, Koopa & Boom Boom)
- New add to this game, priority of action circles every round (For example, a player with a priority of 1 will get the ally first if got at the same time than a player of priority 2)
- Dislike ratio will be high as always and comments will be full of people complaining it's not like Mario Party X
First thing tho, I really hope they choose a better name than "Mario Party 11"
Also, now Free-For-All ranks 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th places so adding an Battle minigame category doesn't make much sense.
I'd like Bowser minigames as well as DK minigames in the next Mario Party but I sadly don't believe they'll return... I hope I get surprised tho!
And I know what you're trying to do but seems pretty unlikely and a bit too general of an idea imo.
Well, seems like we got it. The eleventh installment is called Super Mario Party:

Video here.

- Gameplay elements appears to be a fusion, mainly taking from the original games; You go around the board and try to get stars from star spaces or from other opponents, but also includes the ally mechanics from Star Rush. This is because they're completely relaunching or refreshing the series.
- Toad returns to his old role as the board host, while Toadette is the character you must buy stars from. Lakitu performs a role similiar to Boo from the old games, and Flutter acts as the item shop. Koopa Paratroopa also appears and can also carry you to a the space of an opponent.
- Recurring Spaces like the Blue Space, the Red Space, and the Event Space return. The Bowser Space is remade into the Bad Luck Space.
- Characters have a choice between a standard dice block (1-6), their own unique dice block, and potentially other dice blocks belonging to other characters whom you ally with.
- A robust roster of around 20 characters. Includes series regulars like Mario, Luigi, Peach, etc. but also characters like Donkey Kong (who had a long period of nonplayability), Bowser (marking the first time that he's playable on equal line with the others in a Mario Party game; I actually really like this), and Goomba (my personal favorite of the new playable characters). Each playable character can predictably also show up as non-playable allies if they're not selected for play.
- Besides the main mode where it's free-for-all, there's also a mode where players compete against each other in two teams on a board that appears to offer less restricted movement (consisting of two characters on each team; you can also gain allies for your own team to gain their dice blocks.)
- You can play against other people online, but only let's you play the minigames.
- Speaking of minigames, there's 80 new minigames in this game.

I'm pretty excited for this one!