Mario Party 1 Had Unique Game Modes That No Other Mario Party Had

Am I the only one who noticed that Mario Party 1 had 2 unique game modes that no other Mario party had?

4-player co-op:

I know they were listed as typical 4-player minigames, but Running of the Bulb & Key-pa-Way played like co-op minigames where ALL players must cooperate to win them and ALL players earn the same coins after winning.


I consider item minigames from MP2 and MP3 as different from 1-player minigames of MP1 because 1-player minigames earns you coins and minigames like Ghost Guess and Limbo Dance felt more unique than other minigames.

Who else wish if they make those modes again in a new Mario Party?
I agree with you that it would be more interesting with these game modes, but I do believe their future absence was meaningful. In a competitive game, it can be quite annoying to lose on an opportunity for coins just because of another player messing up or just being bad. However, it can also be fun and interesting to carry a team where the others are of varying skill levels. It really is double-edged. As for single player mini games, they were replaced with item mini games, which I believe are a good replacement; they are short and concise, unlike some of the single player ones from MP1. Although fun for the player, it can make other players lose interest.