Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Review

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Is one of the best games I've ever played and my favorite in the series. Let's start the review! I haven't done one in a while, so why not review? XD

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Is for the Gamecube and it's just like any other Mario Kart game, only this time, you have 2 characters on your kart. One character drives, while the other uses items. Because you have 2 people, each person can hold an item, allowing you to have 2 items at once! However, only the character in the back can use items, so your characters WILL have to switch position. :p

Story: N/A
There isn't really a true story to this game aside from just racing, so I won't judge the "storyline". It is just a racing game. :p

Controls: 10/10
The controls are simple and responsive. A is to Accelerate, B to Brake/Reverse, X/Y to shoot an item, (if you hold up or down on the analog stick, you can change the direction you shoot it) L/R to Drift and Z to switch positions.
Some people complain about how the drifting/turning isn't so precise, but it's something I can live with and I've gotten used to it. =P

Graphics: 10/10
I really don't say much about graphics, but the graphics are great in this game. I haven't confused anything with something else, so it's all good. :p

Music: 10/10
There's a good variety of types of music. Music ranges from upbeat, (such as Mario Circuit's music) to calm, (like Rainbow Road) to nostalgic (like Baby Park and Sherbet Land) and it's not tiresome to listen to. Ever.

Gameplay: 10/10
This is where I always type up a lot... :p *ahem*

Gameplay is simple, but very fun. As in any other Mario Kart game, you try to be the one with the most points at the end of the Grand Prix. As I mentioned before, you now have 2 characters on your kart. Of course, this wouldn't be Mario Kart without items!
Yes, item usage is vital. There's the classic items, such as the Mushrooms, Shells and Stars, however, this game introduced Special Items, which are unique to a certain pair of characters. I'll go over each character pair's items. (Note there are 2 pairs you do have to unlock in this game)
Mario & Luigi: Fireballs. When used, 5 Fireballs are shot and they burn anyone they hit. The burning effect leaves them stunned longer than normal items. Mario's Fireballs are red, and Luigi's are green. This item is normally received in 1st-3rd place.

Peach & Daisy: Heart. When used, the Heart will give 2 items that you touch will become yours, however if both characters already have an item, it will go to waste. So make sure that at least 1 driver doesn't have an item when you're about to pick one up. Be wary that if you fall off, or you get struck by lightning, the heart shield will disappear. Also, you will not be protected from Lightning, Chain Chomps or Blue Shells. Basically, the benefit of this is that if you pick up a Star or a Mushroom on the ground, you can use it when you want and that you can use the items of others (even specials) against them. :p This is normally received when you're in 6th-8th.

Yoshi & Birdo: Egg. When used, the Egg will hit the person in front of you, then 3 items pop out. It could be Banana Peels, Mushrooms, Stars, Shells or a Bob-Omb. If there is no one in front of you, it will go on a set path. It can either help or hinder both you and your opponent. Yoshi's Egg is Green, while Birdo's is Pink. This is normally received in 1st-3rd.

Baby Mario & Baby Luigi: Chain Chomp. When used, the Chain Chomp will move you automatically and knock down anyone in your way. However, your Chain Chomp will get loose early if the Kart gets hit by something or if the Chain Chomp goes over a hill that's too steep. Also, it does go a set distance. Be careful where you use this, as you might get dropped off into a pit. This is normally received in 5th-8th. (though I have gotten one in 3rd XD)

Koopa & Paratroopa: Triple Shells. They will receive either 3 Red Shells, or 3 Green Shells. Be wary that if you have more than 1 shell and you get hit, you will lose all but 1. (This also applies for Triple Mushrooms) Triple Greens are normally received in 1st-4th and Triple Reds are normally received in 2nd-5th.

Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong: Giant Banana. This giant banana is a huge version of the banana peel, though this will deflect most items, making them valuable for defense. It can even deflect Bowser Shells! It'll also make your opponents spin out longer and it'll split into 3 small banana peels once someone hits it. This is normally received in 1st-3rd.

Bowser & Bowser Jr.: Bowser Shell. This is basically a bigger version of the Green Shell. It will make your opponents hang on for their lives if they get hit. :p Make sure you don't get hit by your own! XD This is normally obtained in 1st-3rd.

Wario & Waluigi: Bob-Omb. The Bob-Omb can be shot either backward or forward. If it is shot backward, it will explode in a few seconds. (I believe they explode sooner if it's near someone) If it is shot forward, it'll explode upon contact with the ground. Use them wisely! This is normally received in 1st-3rd.

Toad & Toadette: Golden Mushroom. After the first boost is used, you can use infinite boosts from this for a short period of time. Normally received in 5th-8th. (I've gotten one in 3rd before XD)

Petey Piranha & King Boo: Any special. (except for Luigi's Fireball and Birdo's Egg, but that's just a color difference :p) You might think this is broken, but it's actually not all that good. For example, if you're behind and you want a Gold Mushroom, you end up getting a Heart. So it's not that reliable. =P

There is no Boo item, but here's the reason: You can steal items! How? Well, if you have a Star, Mushroom or Slide Attack (though Slide Attack is only available in Co-Op mode :p) and hit someone during the boost, you'll steal their item! You can even steal Special Items. Though the character in the back has to have no item, otherwise your opponent will just drop the item. :p

Of course, you aren't just restricted to the assigned character pairs like Mario & Luigi. You can mix it up! For example, you can have Baby Luigi and Koopa. Koopa can get the Triple Shells for both offense and defense, and Baby Luigi can help you catch up if you're behind. It's best to mix it up as you have more options. :p

Aside from racing with just CPUs, you can also play with friends! And instead of racing, you can do battles! In this game's Battle Mode, there's the Classic Balloon Battle, but there's 2 other modes: Shine Thief and Bob-Omb Blast. In Shine Thief, you must have the Shine Sprite and avoid any items and avoid falling off for the alloted time to win. Otherwise you will drop it and the timer will reset back to a certain time. :p *In Balloon Battle and Shine Thief, any character can get any special item, so character choice doesn't matter very much in these modes.*

In Bob-Omb Blast, you must blast your opponent with Bob-Ombs (duh :p) to get points. With 2 players you have to get 3 points, and with 3 or 4 players, you have to get 4 points. Each character can hold 5 Bob-Ombs, so that means you can have a total of 10. The Bob-Ombs work the same way as Wario and Waluigi's; setting it backwards will have it explode in a set time and throwing it forwards will have it explode on the ground. When your Bob-Omb explodes and hits the opponent, you get a point and they lose one. Same works in reverse; if they hit you, you lose a point and they get one.

There's also Time Trials, where you race by yourself for the best time. You only get 2 Mushrooms, (1 per character) so use them wisely!

Replay Value: 10/10
This game does have awesome replay value, especially with friends. You can race and battle over and over, and it really makes you want to play this again and again. (Ok I'm not exactly lengthy with Replay Value lol)

Overall: 50/50
Amazing game, pick it up if you can. (I'd give off the chart scores in all reviews, though I'd be exaggerating about everything XD)
I only have a few very minor complaints. 1: The turning/drifting isn't so precise. 2: Most of the Karts have the same stats. :p
Though I really love how you can dodge Red and Blue shells by drifting at the right time. XD

I will do a review on each cup and its courses later. Except for All Cup Tour. :p