Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Beta Elements

I was watching an old trailer for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon also known as Luigi's Mansion 2 outside of North America and was called that in the North America Beta on my 3DS earlier today and became curious. So I found the article on The Super Mario Wiki and wanted to show what was removed in the game before it made it on the shelves. I noticed personally when Luigi enters the elevator to the cellar he says " hello?" differently than the final game. What do you guys think of the beta?

Directly From the Wiki:

Early Builds
First Build

    There was a heart gauge on the top corner of the top screen indicating Luigi's health. In the final version, it is on the bottom screen.
    In the beta Gloomy Mansion, there was no door connecting the Dining Room to the Library.
    When Luigi was in the Garage, he had the Strobulb when the ghosts appeared. In the final version, Luigi only had the Poltergust 5000. A ghost also honked the horn of the car to scare Luigi in the beta version.
    The knights in the Guard Hall had shinier armor.
    In the beta version, the Poltergeist turned the stairs into a slide in the foyer of the Gloomy Mansion. In the final version, it is a Hider.
    The courtyard in Gloomy Manor had a small conservatory with a chest containing some coins, and a statue with a sheet on it.
    The theme in Gloomy Manor was slightly slower than the final version.
    Greenies with Kitchen utensils were in the Dining Room

Second Build
    Polterpups did not leave an imprint on the walls.
    The scene in which the Polterpup eats the Haunted Towers key was not raining. In the final, it's raining. The camera angle in the scene was also different.
    Old Clockworks was originally the second mansion but replaced by Haunted Towers in the final.
    The E. Gadd statue in Gloomy Manor was originally out front with a tarp over it but was moved to the backyard in the final.

Third Build

    The Toad that was with Luigi in the Secret Mine was red instead of blue.
    The snowman in front of the Secret Mine had a yellow scarf instead of a blue one.
    There was an extra room in secret mine which contained an ice wall that was covered by a fake image. This could've been the beta design of the Coward's Chasm in the final game or a different area entirely.

I decided to get some images showing some of the above beta elements. The elements are almost as interesting as the original Luigi's Mansion:




SpectJinx said:
The honking car horn was a nice touch. This would have been nice.

I thought it would be cool if they kept the car horn honking. It was a nice touch.