List of States I been to

Here is the list of states in the US that I visited and what for.

Illinois: Well...I live here so...yeah.

Ohio: My Aunt lives here so we go to this state to visit her.

Indiana: When I go to see my Aunt in Ohio, I pass by this state.

Wisconsin: 1st time was to see a Cubs game and the 2nd was during a 5th Grade Field Trip

Nebraska: 1st time was a funeral to my Grandfather and 2nd was for vacation. (My father's side of the family came from here)

Iowa: On our way to Nebraska for vacation, we passed by this state.

Colorado: We flew to this state to go to Nebraska for the funeral.

Louisiana: My brother and sisters live here since my brother is in the Army. We drop down here to visit sometimes.

Missouri: We pass by this state on our way to Louisiana.

Arkansas: See Missouri.

Texas: On one visit to Louisiana, we used an airplane that took us to this state.

Florida: When I was young, we went to Disney World here.

Arizona: We went here on vacation when I was young but I don't remember it.

I'll update this if I visit other states.
Five years later and I have visited several more states now.

Kentucky: Visited the state back in 2012 to visit family members.

Tennessee: We were at southern Kentucky near the border so we decided to go to Tennessee to add to our list.

New Mexico: Part of a road trip in 2014. Visited a volcanic cone. Was a great sight!

Oklahoma: Part of the same trip, we went through this state on our way back home.