Kid Icarus Uprising

Kid Icarus Uprising (3DS)

Release Dates:
JP: March 22nd, 2012
NA, EU: March 23rd, 2012
AUS: March 29th, 2012

Genre: 3rd Person Shooter

Kid Icarus Uprising is the breaking of the hiatus in the Kid Icarus series. For over 20 years Pit, the main character of the KI series, has had to sit out and watch the successes of other Nintendo franchises. He made a triumphant return in SSBB and the fans thought that was it for Pit.

Story: The Story mode for Kid Icarus Uprising is excellent as it has many hidden treasures being opened by the addition of the Fiend’s Cauldron. The Fiend’s Cauldron shows up at the start of every level allowing you to adjust the difficulty settings. Your difficulty will determine the strength of new weapons you find, and the amount of Hearts (the currency of the game) you get. The almost linear story makes me want more freedom to roam in the game but I guess we will have to wait another 20 years to see Pit starring in his own game again.

Story: 9/10

Controls: The controls of KIU is extremely well thought out although a little clunky at first. First the control scheme. The control scheme of KIU is a unique being you only use two buttons on the 3DS, the default L-Button and Circle Pad. Using the circle pad, you can move the main hero around, while with the L-Button you fire his weapons. To aim, you use the stylus to move the reticle.

Controls: 8/10

Weapons: The weapons in this game are very well thought and are able to suit a bunch of fighting styles. There are 9 different classes of weapons with 12 different weapons in each of those classes for 108 weapons. Although someone may have the same weapon as you, what makes these unique is the randomly assigned “perks” to the weapon. Generally the higher rating of a weapon results in higher perks. Perks include many things such as health increase, speed increase, homing abilities, paralysis as well as many other status affects and general powers. Each weapon has a melee attack, ranged, charged, and directional attacks. The weapons classes are shown below.

Bow: Shoots homing arrows. Splits into two blades for melee combat.

Blade: Balanced weapons that are good for melee and ranged combat
Claws: The fastest shooting weapons. Although ranged shots are weak melee strength is incredible.

Orbitars: A pair of orbs that float at the sides of your head. Capable of doing dual shots or a powerful single shot.

Arm: Colossal fist-like items for the hands. Projectiles are slow and don’t travel far but are very powerful just like the melee attacks of this weapon.

Palm: Think of removable tattoos that wrap around your arm with the central energy at the middle. Strong ranged attacks with average melee attacks.

Cannon: Goes on the arm Samus Aran style and shoots slow but strong projectiles. Decent melee attacks.

Staff: Spear like in shape and curves at the end. Double tap the touch screen to use this weapon to the fullest by sniping your opponents with shots that gain power as they travel.

Club: Massive weapons that deflect enemy shots. They fire giant projectiles that equal the strength of its excellent melee attacks. Slowest weapon.

Weapons: 11/10

Overall Score: 10/10