July 22-23 - Moves

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Dodger said:
July 22nd: Yes, I confirm to go UP, Kinetic will go up as well.
July 23rd: I go SouthEast, and Kinetic goes up again.
H-J カービイ said:
1 move only, as before.


Sushi/Ryoux - Windfall
Nothing much here. Move South-East logged.

Kinetic - Forest Temple
The Kokiri Emerald glows strongly here. You wish that you had one other gem in your possession...

Blue Potion used.

SolidSnake - Forest of Illusion
Refer to the MAP in your board. All moves will now be made with respect to compass directions (i.e. up/north), not perspective.

M&P - Sammer's Kingdom
You hoped to do battle with the 100 Sammer Guys, but instead you found King Sammer offering you a chance to try out a new jump skill. Do you accept?

Kingboo - Desert Colossus
You enter this sacred statue of the Gerudo and find a note, nothing else:
"Heart Pieces from Like Likes"
This activates random encounters with a Like Like on already conquered spaces. Watch out, for Like Likes have been known to eat any equipped shields...!!!

Koopa Kid (from last turn)
Accepting the cruise makes Daisy very happy. Enjoy the trip!
Koopa Kid was fully replenished and received a Fire Flower, and Ice Flower and Triple Shrooms.
You arrived at: Clockwork Castle
You made it to the Castle! Inside is a switch that will let you switch day into night and vice versa. At night, any battles for a castle will have doubled attack power! Do you want to make the switch into night?
Vipsoccermaster said:
Dodger said:
Why are you annoyed HJ? I assumed that since 2 are here, it would be 2 days. =P
It's not 2 moves, it's still one, both days count as one move because H-J can't keep it up for every day, he's back in school now, and has homework to focus on. So your July 23 move is rejected. You're not understanding him correctly, or maybe H-J didn't make it clear to you, Dodger.
Oops, sorry. Yeah HJ didn't tell me. So I guess the SouthEast move is for July 26-27th. =P
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