July 18-19 - Moves

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RP, since the other two teams made 0 or 1 moves for this period, I'll save your second move for the next turn...

Sushi/Ryoux: Gelato Beach
A Cataquack runs past you and you go chasing after it. After settling it down, you are stopped by a Pianta. Apparently he owns the Cataquack and says he will give you it as long as you pay 50 coins. Do you accept?

Kinetic: The Safe
Wha~?! The Spammers are back!? Clear them out and show them that SMPSF is a spam-free environment! --> See Battlefield.

Marioguy/HBK - in battle.

SolidSnake - The Great Deku Tree
Finally, your goal is in sight. You approach it, and it begins to speak.
"How have arrived, o wandering traveller. You have done well to make it here. I shall grant you with full healing, immunity to the effects of the forest, and a map of the forest."

HP/FP MAX; got Map (see team board)

"There is a legend in this world of seven mystical gem stars. It is said that if all seven are gathered and brought to the door, a unimaginable treasure lies beyond. I am led to believe that the resting place of the stars are here... (another world map appears - see the World Map Topic). I bid you good luck.-Oh, I must also mention that there are special items in the the dead-ends of the forest; but enemies will try and prevent you from taking them. Be careful."

Items can now be redistributed across KK with no limits i.e. items shared across the whole party again.
Any star spaces that you are currently on/move to in the next turn will not trigger an event...

M&P - Lethal Lava Land
Nothing special here...

Koopa Kid (from Jul 15) - Daisy Cruiser
The delightful Daisy welcomes you aboard a cruise of a lifetime! Do you accept a journey to the far reaches of the world, for a fee of 40 coins? You will receive some great comfort and hospitality.

My owing moves:

HBK/Marioguy -  two LEFT (one/turn)
Sushi/Ryoux - UP
Kinetic: UP
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