Jolly Roger Lagoon

*cries thinking about memories of never being able to progress in this level for years*

This level truly made me stuck in Banjo Tooie for at least 2 years. I was stuck at Terrydactyland cuz I only had 2 Jiggies in this level and couldn't get enough in others to get the 28 or so required for Grunty Industries. But seriously, Atlantis is the most confusing central area ever. Water levels annoy me regardless, but this might truly be my worst encounter with a water level.

And wtf at Rare for naming a boss Lord Foo Fak Fak. Is it possible to not curse saying that? I remember telling the name to my sister when I found him (of course it took me a long time to beat him since he was a B**** and it was underwater) and my dad yelled at me cause he thought I was cursing.
It's actually Jolly Roger's Lagoon. Jolly Roger Bay was from Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS.

This was a pain, I only enjoyed the town area. Lord Woo Fak Fak was a strange name, indeed. But he didn't cause much of a threat to me, anyway. Is it me, or do the Jinjos in this area seem to be all close to each other? The Mine Bomb mini-game was all right, nothing too special about it, though it takes a try or two.

But you at least had peaceful music while you were goin insane, Cook :p I'm actually good a video games and there is always a section that trips me up (as far as the level being a maze) so I can feel your deep pain for this level, Cook :pPPPPPPPppppppp