Jinx Reviews Mega Man 2

Since Mega Man has come to Smash Bros, what better way than to review a game?


STORY: 7/10

Mega Man 2's story is very simple. Dr. Wily builds 8 Robot Masters to beat Mega Man in his quest for world domination. Mega Man defeats the Robot Masters and infiltrates Wily Castle, eventually foiling Wily's plans. It's a simple story, but it works.


The controls are simple: B to shoot, A to jump, DPad to move, and Start to bring up the menu. Not confusing nor randomly placed, however mashing the B button can get tiring. Other than that, the controls were good.


These graphics are outdated today, but for an NES game, they're actually quite solid. I especially like Metal Man, Quick Man, Bubble Man, and Wily Capsule's graphics, and also the ending graphics.

MUSIC: 8/10

The music is again, outdated, but still great to listen to. Most of the music was solid, the only bad song being Wily 3-5. There are some overrated songs though, like Wily 1, so that's why it isn't 10/10 here.


Now this is what gets this game down. The basic gameplay is still good like in the others, with not much flaws in basic movement. The traction can get me at times, though. You enter a stage, and after bypassing enemies, fight a boss. Once you beat that boss, you clear the stage and get some weapons. Speaking of weapons, that's the first flaw I find in this game. The one issue here is the balance of the Robot Master weapons. On one hand, you've got stuff like Bubble Lead which just suck. On the other hand, you have utterly broken weapons like the Metal Blade. Gah, the Broken Blade. The rest of the weapons are decent, but they're all outclassed by Broken Blade. The other thing I hate is the forced usage of weapons and Items to clear stages. Wily 1: Need Item-1. Wily 2: Need Item-2. The fortress bosses weren't that great either. Mecha Dragon OHKO's you by just touching him, Picopico Master is broken by Metal Blade, Guts Dozer is laughably easy, Boobeam Trap forces you to use Crash Bombs and if you mess up, you have to refill your energy by Sniper Joes (which aren't energy friendly), Wily Machine pulls off weird hitbox detections and forces you to use a Crash Bomb on a precise location to avoid damage, and the Alien forces you to use Bubble Lead.


While this game is good from the first playthrough, once you realize how unbalanced the weapons are and how difficult the fortress stages are, you probably won't come back after you completed your first playthrough.

OVERALL: 7.5/10

While this game can be decent, it is very overrated and really pales in comparison to the other games.