Jinx Judges a Pokemon: Day 59 (Chansey)


Klefki is a Pokemon with a very unique concept, being based on a keychain and the idea of blaming fairies for losing things. In addition, Klefki is one of the greatest support Pokemon in Gen 6, with its excellent defensive typing and Prankster. One strategy for using Klefki, commonly referred to as Swagkey, involves paralyzing the opponent, setting up a Subsitute, confusing it with Swagger, and hitting hard with Foul Play. It can also take advantage of dual screens and even Magnet Rise.

Klefki: Swag and Screens.​

Clefable is one of the Pokemon that got changed to a Fairy-type in Gen 6, and it was a much needed change. Thanks to having a more useful STAB in Moonblast, it's able to effectively use Calm Mind and even Minimize along with a Kee Berry and Moonlight or ChestoRest to make it a bulky sweeper. It even has Stored Power to take advantage of Calm Mind boosts, Encore, and even Stealth Rock. It has two excellent abilities in Unaware and Magic Guard, meaning that taking it down won't be easy.

Clefable: Pixie Prowess.​

Manectric is one cool-looking Pokemon. It's also very potent in battle, with its high Special Attack and Speed. Gaining access to Overheat and Flamethrower in Gen 4, and Volt Switch in Gen 5, this thing has been improving over the generations.


Mega Manectric is even faster and stronger, with enough Speed to outspeed Talonflame, and it gets Intimidate as well, enabling it and its teammates to take less damage from physical attacks, which compliments well with Volt Switch. While it only has one set, it's excellent at using it to play hit-and-run and wear down the opponent.

Manectric: Lightning Wolf.​

Gliscor is one bulky Pokemon, with its highest stat being Defense. Being a combination of a vampire, a gargoyle, and a scorpion, this thing is one amazing creature. While it was already decent in Gen 4, it wasn't until Gen 5 where its presence was known, having gained Poison Heal for a hidden ability. In combination with its bulk, Gliscor is able to use Substitute with a Toxic Orb to shield itself from attacks while regaining health, allowing it to stall out opponents with Toxic, fish for Guillotine OHKOs, or set up Swords Dance, making it a very flexible Pokemon.

Gliscor: Wall of Pain.​

Whimsicott is one excellent supporter. Beyond the cute appearance lies a Pokemon with potential to cripple the opponent's team. With Prankster, it's able to use a support move before the opponent, and it has a lot of moves that can take advantage of this, such as Subsitute, Leech Seed, Encore, Cotton Guard, Stun Spore, Taunt, Memento, Tailwnd, Fake Tears, Sunny Day, Safeguard, Worry Seed, Light Screen, Swagger, Grass Whistle, and many more. This thing is also capable of helping a Pokemon with Justified, such as Terrakion, sweep by using Beat Up on it.

Whimsicott: Cotton Jester.​

After Shaymin-S and Jirachi, Togekiss is the haxiest Pokemon ever. Thanks to Serene Grace, it'll often put opponents in a nasty position. For instance, Air Slash will have a 60% chance to flinch the foe, and when coupled with Thunder Wave, opponents will have an even lesser chance to move. Aside from paraflinching shenanigans, Togekiss can also flinch faster foes with Choice Scarf, which it can Trick away if needed, it can be a bulky Nasty Plot sweeper, it can last longer with Roost, and it can wreck even more havoc with Encore. In Gen 6, it gets the Fairy type, meaning that Pokemon like Garchomp now have to run Stone Edge just to get past this thing.

Togekiss: Reign of Hax.​

Cloyster is one of the most dangerous sweepers to face if unprepared, and that is because it has the rare Shell Smash. It can take advantage of multi hit moves like Icicle Spear and Rock Blast with Skill Link, which maximizes the amount of hits in multi hit moves, and King's Rock, which increases the chance of flinching. The main things that can stop it are Steel-types and certain bulky Water-types, so it can be hard to use without any support.

Cloyster: Smashing to Break.​

Lopunny didn't really shine that much in its introducing generation. While it has high speed, that's all it has going for it, as it doesn't have the offenses to back up that speed. It wasn't able to take advantage of its defenses either due to its low HP. Lopunny seemed to have no hope going for it. Until Gen 6 came along...


Mega Lopunny was well deserved, as it solves Lopunny's offense problems. Its Speed is also raised to ridiculous amounts, making it very tough for offense teams to deal with. It also has Fake Out and had all the coverage it needs in its STAB moves alone thanks to Scrappy, allowing it to whittle down the health of any offensive Pokemon trying to stop its teammates.

Lopunny: Furry Speedster.​

Entei, being the Fire-type of the legendary beasts, has a grand appearance with a smoke cloud for a mane and also a mustache. In Gen 4, the special event gave it Flare Blitz and Extreme Speed to compensate for its rather shallow movepool, allowing it to stand up with Arcanine as a physical Fire-type. Gen 6 was the most notable change, with it getting Sacred Fire, a move that was formerly exclusive to Ho-Oh, allowing it to spread burns while attacking. This move gave Entei a new life, as it is no longer outclassed and can now stand up against the big threats.

Entei: Mystical Fire Beast.​

Swampert is one bulky Water-type. Having only one weakness in Grass, this thing is tough to take down. With moves like Stealth Rock, Yawn, Roar, and Scald, it makes up for a good tank.


Mega Swampert is one of the most powerful rain sweepers ever. Having its Attack boosted to 150 and gaining Swift Swim, this thing can do a considerable amount of damage in the rain, especially considering that Waterfall gets boosted by both STAB and rain, and Earthquake and Ice Punch can also hit hard.

Swampert: Muscles of Rain.​

Chansey is the most specially bulky Pokemon ever, having its already massive Special Defense being further increased by Eviolite, which is compounded by its gigantic 250 HP. Combine this with Soft-Boiled, Thunder Wave, Substitute, Swagger, and Minimize, and it can be very hard to take down. It can also support its teammates by passing Wishes that restore a chunk of HP and curing the team of status with Heal Bell, while stalling the opponents with Toxic. This thing is the reason why all teams should have a Taunt/Trick/Substitute user, a sweeper that does not mind status, a powerful physical attacker, a powerful Psyshock/Psystrike user, or a powerful Secret Sword user in order to avoid having their whole team walled by this thing.

Chansey: Great Pink Wall.​