Alright, so far I've been doing a review of my insight for a few months, and I noticed, though the views are small, the females viewing my videos have increased from 36% to 44%, and I was thinking it was cuz of my Mario Party videos with Peach on it. Do you think I should play as other female characters as well? Like maybe Daisy?

I'm just saying it's a interesting increase... I don't care who views my videos, but hey. =P Discuss.
Vipsoccermaster said:
Simisage said:
Vipsoccermaster said:
Yes, do play as Daisy to attract more females in. And in Mario Party 6 and up, try having Toadette as well.

For a chance, try having an all female party romp.
So you want me to attract females in so you can use your pimp charms on them, eh?

I know your intentions. =P
No, leave that to Prongs.
VIP shut the fuck up

And who cares what gender is viewing? SEXIST!