I'm Obsessed(With Criminal Minds)

I'm obsessed with this show called Criminal Minds
The season finale airs at 9:00, on Wednesday(May 22nd) And guess where I'll be, in DC, for a field trip,  SO I CANT WATCH IT. This show is in it's 8th season and still get's 12 million people to watch it! AHHHH. Check out this  promo for the season finale, and try and tell me that it doesn't look awesome!(i know i shouldn't be mad cause i cant watch a show, cause I'm going on a cool field trip. And obviously I'm not like actually mad I just wish i could do both)

Criminal Minds - Brothers Hotchner and The Replicator (Preview)

If you don't watch this show, YOU should! Check out the finale on Wednesday.
(F.Y.I Their worst "enemy" is called "The Replicator". He has been stalking them and redoing crimes they have solved.) It's a 2 hour finale from 9-11