If you can't get a girl...

AegisReflector said:
Simisear said:
Vipsoccermaster said:
Hiram Flaversham said:
Simisear said:
Vipsoccermaster said:
Because people change over time.

You guys just basically enjoyed messing with me all the time.
People usually don't go from a human to a robot.

Brain transplant?
Personality, darn it. :p
Your personality didn't change. YOU did.

That's kind of the same thing. :p
It's subjective.
VIP was mad funny back then I agree, I remember all the lulzy conversations such as the one where he said he was a game reviewer or the time where there were 8 or so people at AIM and he admitted that he's crying for some reason.
I never recall VIP ever being funny, not even on MPDS. I always just viewed him as obnoxious. :p
cookieboy17 said:
One of the best ones was when he first joined MPF he got warned by HuntMac for like spamming the shoutbox or something and then he was scared as hell of HuntMac for the next 3 days and would s*** his pants thinking of whether to dare post in the shoutbox or not.

I remember that xD it was fucking hilarious.