Ideas to fix Minigame Match

So I saw Mario Party Legacy's gameplay video of Minigame Match from Mario Party Top 100 and while it is definitively an update, it still has various flaws so I'll try to fix the most I think out of my head, tell me if you think it would fix most of the problems & if you have other ideas!

- So first, obviously it needs more boards but I also think it needs a bit more customisation like at least being able to disable Bonus Stars.

- Everything about minigames should be reworked. The balloons for exemple shouldn't give coins. Instead, the players who got the balloons will get a small bonus of coins (With a larger spot at the minigame roulette) after the minigame (1st +5, 2nd +3, 3rd +2, 4th +1) talking about the rankings, it should now be 1st +10 2nd +5 3rd +3 4th +1. I also think the crown bonus for the selected player in the minigame roulette should be removed, the coin bonus of the balloons replacing it! Also, when your 5 minigames are selected, you should be able to select another set of minigames so we don't have the same 20 minigames for the whole game!

- Some board events should also be reworked. The star balloons for exemple should be proportional to the average number of coins every player currently posses. ! spaces shouldn't give more than 5 coins to the coin bananza. Stamps shouldn't give 30 coins (it's way too much) but give another kind of reward like a rare item or a bonus star for exemple.

- Items should be reworked as well. First, duel gloves should start one of the duel minigames from Minigame Island instead of just one microgame and the rewards should be higher (10 coins, 20 coins, 30 coins, 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars). There should be also a bit more items. At least, some traps like Star Rush did like the Coinado and rework other ones from other Mario Parties like the Toady Orb from MP6 & the Pink Boo Orb from MP7! Maybe a X2 Star from Star Rush would be great as well?

So, here are my suggestion to improve Minigame Match, what are your thoughts?