I will ask you questions now!

Boo should replace King Boo and Penguin should be playable for once. :p The Penguins have had a long history in Mario games so I guess they could be plausable.

Moving onto less plausable characters, I would like to see one of the Paper Mario partners for a change, like Vivian or Yoshi Kid. I want to see what they look like in 3D.
Many people were disappointed with Mario Karts 7's roster. What would your roster have been? Remember you can only have 16 or 17 if you don't want Miis.

Mine would be...

1. Mario
2. Luigi
3. Peach
4. Bowser
5. Koopa
6. DK
7. Toad
8. Wario
9. Rosalina
10. Petey
11. Honey Queen
12. Yoshi
13. Birdo
14. Boo
15. Baby Mario
16. Bowser Jr.
17. Miis