HuntMac Mega Man Stream

This was the idea I've been having since this board has been created. Basically, I've only played (and completed) Mega Man 2 and X and with the creation of this board, it seems like just as good of a time to finally play the other games as any (since I actually have an interest for the series now).

So what I will be doing is a "practice stream" (just to see if it's worth your entertainment value or not) of me playing the first game. I'm only doing this just because I would be playing the games anyway, just this way, I dunno, maybe you'll find the humor in a blind run with fails over and over :p

So, Prongs, get ready to dish out the FailMac with actual Fail - in this month's stream of Gaming with Legit Members Classic Edition Return of the Mac n Cheese Beebee Cause We Love That s*** - or GWLMCEDROFMnCBCWLTS for long.

I will keep this first run saved so other people may view, though, again, I don't really have high hopes cause I don't imagine myself being succesful enough in just knocking down Mega Man games :p I don't have the "logic" behind it for the Master Select screen so I play all those guys by trial and error :p (cause 7 of them pretty much need the "super effective" buster on them).

So, yea, I will be back in 20 minutes with the get up and we'll see how far we get in this practice stream.
Okay, so Mega Man (or Rockman in my case) wasn't too bad. Only Electric Man's stage gave me the most time (with a half hour :p) and then I wanna say Fire Man's stage gave me a hard time as well.

All of the robot masters were pretty much push overs :p I wasn't expecting that, and the "Clay Man" boss was just atrociously bad. I was like "man", but it was an alright of a game. Levels were fair, bosses were "pffft" (I did the Robot Masters in the "correct" order on accident/logic :p)

But yea, Clayman was that jerk of a man, and the two stages was getting aggravating as well. I think it went okay, I don't wanna go for 3 hours again though, so I will have to do breaks eventually (I didn't here because I thought I was getting closer and closer to the end).
Takamachi Nanoha said:
Yellow Devil is f'n s*** without that, unless your jumping skills exceed a Contra player's. :p
Yea, I most likely wouldn't have done it, but I saw that it was only gonna take one hit per "mega-crush-you" rounds, which was once per hit :p

I also used it for Dr. Willy's second form because at that point, I wasn't trying to mess around and guess for which blaster would be the most effective, and I just wanted it to be over already.

It was an "okay" game. Same effect as Mega Man 2 I suppose (though I know Mega Man 2 is harder, but then again I also never had to cheat for it). Just something I may want to pick-up-and-play but I doubt I will go to it.