How far are you?

Just passed Chapter 5. It was really hard for me seeing as this is my first Fire Emblem game and I am trying not to lose anyone. They always went after Sumia, Ricken, and Virion, some of my biggest hitters, especially against the Wyvern Riders.

I find Lon'qu to be way overpowered but I can't complain, mainly because he has saved me so many times.
Going into Chapter 11. I made sure to kill all of the Ruffians in 10 to get the Buillon(M), Seraph Robe, Master Seal, and Wyrmslayer.

I have a Master Seal that I dont know who to use on.

My most used party is:

The * are characters I have already used the Master Seal on. + are those that it can be used on. Who should I pick, and can Frederick and Libra use this since they already are a secondary class?
Beat the game about 3 weeks ago, now I'm just maxing out stats. So far the only characters I have with completely maxed out stats are my Avatar and Lon'qu.

Glaceon said:
Who should I pick, and can Frederick and Libra use this since they already are a secondary class?
I'm not going to say who, because really, it doesn't matter all that much where you are. (You'll soon be able to buy Master Seals whenever you want.)
However... Master Seals only promote base classes to Advance classes, and since Frederick and Libra both started as and advance class.Same as Toadette, though only about 1 or 2 weeks ago (I think) I completed it, and am just trying to get the characters at max stats and unlocking as many support conversations as I can.

Only Donnel has reached a close enough level of strength so far, mostly thanks to his Aptitude skill (Replaced it with something else now since it's worthless)

I could upload more images if anyone wants to see my other characters.
BTW - What do you think of the Champions of Yore DLC, Toadette? I know you downloaded them since Lon'qu has the All Stats +2 skill. =P