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Wow, only THIS place could not be disinterested in Homestuck. @_@ It may be is the greatest web comic of all time, and also has one of the best fan communities ever.

It's hard (hard and nobody understands) to explain Homestuck's plot without major spoilers. But the basic premise STARTS as a comic styled like an old 90s Adventure Game, like Monkey Island and King's Quest, starring 4 kids that chat on the internet a lot. They start playing a game called SBURB, which is sort of like The Sims, with one player doing stuff in their house while the other manipulates their environment to help them, but it turns out the game is not at all what they expect (they get transported to another dimension. Spoiler alert.) and they have to save their universe and another universe from destruction by a time travelling demon that was summoned through a huge series of events that span billions of years, and also bored omnipotent guy who they unwittingly helped gain unlimited power from a green sun the size of the universe.

It's not actually a comic, since there's also pages animated in flash with amazing music (17 albums in 2 and a half years, and one of them has over 60 songs), and interactive flash games where you can play Earthbound-styled adventures (there are 5 of these so far, all in Act 5) or fight monsters in a huge sprawling hour-long game in Act 4. Also there's no dialogue in the panels; it's all in a chatlog. Most of these chatlogs are at least a page long when pasted onto Word, and have some of the most hilarious/touching/nightmarish/quotable

But none of this plot kicks off until the End of Act 2, so most people quit after 10 minutes thinking that it's just a regular comedy comic. This is some pictures that showcase some of what Homestuck is:









If you want an actual review of the comic, this site has a really good one, albeit with ~4 major of spoilers in the pictures (not in the actual review though, oddly enough.

Also Homestuck spawned an in-universe spinoff comic called Sweet Bro & Hella Jeff, which is the worst comic of all time (on purpose), written by one of the characters in Homestuck. This has no plot; it's just hilarious to read :p
(first comic below)
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