HD N64 Trilogy Mario Party Wallpapers

So I stumbled across Waifu2X the other day and ended up spending waaaay too much time playing around with it. As it turns out, it upscales N64 pre-rendered 3D artwork pretty well! I started making wallpapers for personal use just for fun and I decided to share them here. Some turned out looking like they were natively 1080p, while others didn't come out quite as well, but still nicely. Remember, I did not make the art, I simply took the images, stuck them into the Waifu2X upscaler, and cropped them for 1920x1080 or other widescreen resolution monitors. All artwork/images belong to Nintendo.
Links: (I added more as of 9/12/17)
DK's Jungle Adventure: https://ibb.co/neh3N5
Mario's Rainbow Castle: https://ibb.co/m6EuUk
Peach's Birthday Cake: https://ibb.co/naA19k
Wario's Battle Canyon: https://ibb.co/m1Xypk
Luigi's Engine Room: https://ibb.co/gAF7h5
Yoshi's Tropical Island: https://ibb.co/d3zWaQ
Default Title Screen: https://ibb.co/j16cFQ
Mario Party 2 (Group Shot): https://ibb.co/m5hHFQ
Mario Party 3 (Waluigi): https://ibb.co/khJraQ
Bowser Land Overview: https://ibb.co/mV9BeF
Horror Land Overview: https://ibb.co/caUcKF
Horror Land Overview (night): https://ibb.co/dWgeYa
Mystery Land Overview: https://ibb.co/fFOXmv
Pirate Land Overview: https://ibb.co/c6QZzF
Space Land Overview: https://ibb.co/cHcgeF
Western Land Overview: https://ibb.co/jy0WDa
Mario Party 3 Promo Art: https://ibb.co/dhKrDa
Mario Party 2 Box Art (Did a little touching-up myself on this one): https://ibb.co/g2UJtk
Super Mario 64 (Not Mario Party, but turned out really nice): https://ibb.co/doKzYa
Another one that turned out really nice so I just had to put it out there: WarioWare WQHD: https://ibb.co/ggKGD0