Guidelines to the Awards

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Welcome to MPL's annual Awards Ceremony for the year of 2011! (yes, that was last year, we know :p)

A quick word on how things work here:
-Polls are open for seven days.
-Vote may be changed.
-You should NOT be able to view what the results are until the close of the 7 days. If that does happen, notify a staff member and we'll fix the offending poll in question.
-No new nominations can be accepted for the existing topics.
-You may now post in the topics but PLEASE don't disclose your votes. :p

We are having the Member of the Year award again this year, more details to follow soon.

If any of the polls are wonky, just let the staff know and we'll make sure the polls last for the correct time length, have changeable votes and results unknown til a week's time ;)

Enjoy the madness that the polls have to offer ;p
Not open for further replies.