Ghostface Killah on knowing when your girl is spoiled

From his twitter:

This is how you can tell when your bitch is spoiled b. Like I said, don’t get it twisted when I call her a bitch you know and sh** like that

I don’t like to say that to ladies you know but thats just the hood in me. Nah mean.

But yo, your chick is off the meat rack when you payin all the bills, credit card bills, car notes, she done maxed out all your credit cards

You taking care of the bitch, you keepin her all fly in all types of whatevers out. I dont give a fu** if it was seven jeans, Gucci sh**

Chanel sh**, You know sh** that her friends got that she want, that you done got her to try and make her happy. You nah mean and then

You done paid all the bills and then she dont really do nothin in return. She ain’t payin sh**. Nah mean. The muthafu**in bitch ain’t even

cookin like she supposed to cook b. or cleanin. But she wanna beef all day. Y’nahmean. Thats when you know your chick is spoiled.

You givin’ her too much bread. You keepin her outside wit these other lil fake ass glossy bitches to try and keep up with the joneses n sh**

But you bustin yo ass to keep up with the payin the fu**in bills. And she ain’t doin nothin. Thats how you know you got a spoiled bitch.

That don’t even wanna muthafu**in cook or clean. Whats even more fu**ed up is if she don’t even know how to cook! You feel me?

So its like yo, I dont care she might fu** you good n all that sh** ynahmean but look at how you dressin this bitch.

Look at the sh** that you throwin on this muthafuckin bitch and sh** b.

And talkin back to you and don’t want to cook don’t do nothin?! Get that bitch out the way b!

You don’t even need that chick like that cause you fu** around and you gon’ fu** around and go broke b. Nah mean, you don’t need that.

Thats like a gold digger b. So yo…nah mean, I just wanted to get that outta there. For right now, thats my #GFKWordsofWisdom Holla at Tone