Future Items?

We all should know that a good Mario Party game needs items! Every single one did (this is including those random dice blocks in the original Mario Party), so what should some of the items be in the next installment?

I'd say they should first of all return their items back to what they did in MP3, including all items in that game, then include space and roadblock orbs for placing on spaces.

Then, there should also be a new item that allows you to start a Battle Minigame, and be able to choose the number of coins everyone has to risk! (either 5, 10, 20, 30, or 50)
...just like the Battle Flare item I made up for my game. :p
There were a good variety of items, the normal ones from the first four Mario Parties, the capsules/orbs from Mario Party 5, 6 and 7,  the candies from Mario Party 8, the hexes from Mario Party DS and the dice blocks from Mario Party 9... I don't remember much if there were items on Mario Party Advance...

Maybe that the new Mario Parties could have some kind of new/returning things from the last Mario Parties... it's most likely what I would like to see, most likely the return of the Orbs, with new ones... or something unexpected that could be as good, as long as there are items because I think it's something essential for a game board on Mario Party.

As much as I don't have any idea about what items I would really imagine, I am really curious to see what will happen with the next games.
Well it should definitely return to the style of Mario Party 3 keeping the same items adding one from later Mario Parties. They should also make interesting new items. Some ideas I have are

Banana Drum Calls DK to you to give a special bonus. Costs 15 Coins

Super Acorn Allows you to fly over hazards in your way. Costs 10 Coins

I can't think of anything else right now
I really hope to one day see a lot of the classic items(Boo Bell, Magic Lamp, Plunder Chest etc.) from 2 and 3 brought back, with maybe a few new ones:

Lakitu's Whistle - If the player has this item, before they land on the final space of their roll, they will be prompted on whether or not they want to use the Lakitu Whistle. If they use it, Lakitu will fly in and catch them with his fishing line placing them instead one space off from where they would have landed.

Piggy Bank - When a player lands on a Red Space, the Piggy Bank will crack but no coins will be deducted.(lasts three Red Spaces or until a Battle Mini-Game which will break it instantly)

Headphones - Ignores a Happening Space or other event spaces like Chance Time and the like.(good for one use)

Ultra Hand - If a player has this item, they can only activate it at the start of another player's turn, before they hit the Dice Block. If activated, the hand will extend out and grab the Dice Block away from the other player, stealing their turn.(Think about how much trouble you could cause!)

Fly Swatter - Protects a player's item's from being stolen, and also prevents the Ultra Hand from stealing turns.

Freezie - Use this chilly item to cool off a Red Space, changing it to Blue.(only works on Red Spaces)

Lava Bubble - Use this smoldering item to heat up a Blue space, changing it to Red.(only works on Blue Spaces)

I'd like to see the Mario Party 6 orbs back; I love the concept of getting rewarded for someone landing on your territory. Though Mario Party 7's Orbs are a big no for me. :p
Mario Party 3 items are also great.

I'm hoping they go back to the classic mode though. :p
Here's my ideas
Big Boot-Boots a player 10 spaces back
Place-A-Bank- Puts down your on bank work's similar to the Koopa bank in MP1-3 and only you can collect the money
Rivals- Put's down a rival if someone bumps into him he has to do a special battle with the rival and if you lose -20 coins. Rivals include Petey Piranha King Boo,etc
The reverse mushroom deserves another appearance as it had several purposes like having repeated visits with Boo. There could be various forms of a cell phone like a battle phone or something. I don't care what comes back as long as it isn't special dice blocks as they were very unfair to me, even the way of obtaining them. I mean, they couldn't be purchased. perhaps a mixed of Items, orbs, and candy, that would be cool to see.

SpectJinx said:
add an item that protects a player from Chance Time.

Yes! I completely agree with such an item.