Future Boss Battles

I would not mind seeing this return but I want a few things changed. I want to see a challenge aspect to be added, Like if a player get hits too much times they would be eliminated from the game. Of course I would like to see new bosses and maybe the koopalings can be utilize in some way. Do you want Boss Battles to make a return? Would you want anything to be added or dropped?
I wouldn't mind them returning in future Mario Parties. I loved the way they were in Mario Party DS, I want to see  them to be in Story Mode. I just felt they were best that way. Mario Party 9's was okay, I thought DS's was better.

Duel, battle, and Boss are types of mini-games that I don't like to see luck mini-games in, the other types are okay.
Boss Battles were good additions to me and it would be nice to see this return because it does give a good challenge especially at the end of the boards or during story mode at some occasions. Personally, I find them good the way they were in Mario Party 9, because I find this a little easier and it's not too difficult and everyone can enjoy the boss until the end, so this is the interesting point to me and it's what makes the fun.