Fun stuff regarding the menus and options

1. Surely you've read about this somewhere already, but on the main menu screen you can tap and drag different options around the screen and then let go to snap them back to their original position.

2. For those of you who've beaten the game, do you leave your patron goddess as Palutena or Viridi? While I admit Viridi's layout is cool and the relevant changes are nice touch ups, I haven't found a reason to go for Ms Tsundere yet.

3. On the matter of patron goddesses how much have you offered your goddess? Last time I recall I think I've offered about 5000 hearts?

4. Have any of you broken an egg in the idol toss? I have done a few times when flinging more than three - annoys me to no end losing eggs.

5. Did you find the ground training room in training and online waiting rather Smash-like in design? I think some websites quoted that this contributed to the game feeling like a 3D Smash Bros, with simple controls but immersive game play. I found the distance indicators on the ground to be a nifty touch but otherwise didn't feel too much of a Smash vibe.