Forum Closure Announcement

Hey guys, it's finally that time.

Forums aren't quite as popular as they used to be and our little corner of the internet has gone into silent mode for the last few years. Nothing wrong with that, it's just services like Discord and other social media platforms are the way people like to communicate nowadays.

Because of this, I've decided to put the Forum into read-only mode where new topics and posts can't be made. You'll still be able to read old posts and even log into your old account to check your private messages. The Forum itself will be closed.

That said, the Downloads section will remain active where you can download custom boards for PartyPlanner64. New accounts can be made to upload boards and comments and ratings can still be left.

We're not dead, our small community has moved to Discord. You can join the MPL server by clicking here.

The Forum will go into read-only on January 14, the sites' 11th (!) anniversary. You have a week to make any last posts or topics! :)
Just gonna pop back in really quick for a couple of words.

I'm a little sad that this forum is gonna close, but it's probably for the best since like you said, it's kinda ghost town here.

I'm grateful for the time I spent here with other members, and I'm sorry to anyone who I was unpleasant to. This year would have been 5 years since I made this account (June 2014), which feels like ages ago. Time flies when you're having fun :p

Goodbye everyone, I'll still be on the discord if you wanna have a small chat.
Although I never got the chance to be meaningfully involved on the forum, it's still a bit sad to see this nice little corner of the internet fade into history. As late as I was to the party, I have grown quite attached to Mario Party Legacy as a whole, so I can't help but feel a bit solemn. Sometimes I really wish I was here while the place was bustling, but times and people are changing and there's nothing wrong with that. Glad to see the rest of the site is still staying up, and you can bet I'll be making at least one or two more boards before I'm done! Rest in peace, MPL forum, and thank you to everyone who helped shape Mario Party Legacy as it is now.  :)
I can't believe it's finally time. To think I spent my time on here and grew up (I was 12 when I actually joined and now I'm gonna be 21 in about 3 weeks :p). Cheers to all the memories, the podcast, and the games I played with some of y'all. May the future be bright for you guys!