Fiend's Cauldron

Now with 91 difficulty levels and an angry pot if you tap it enough! (Beat.)

I remember trying to 5.0 all the levels and somehow failing hard in Chapter 5 (it is a little disproportionately hard for its timing I feel). But there are certain levels where I've tried to push at 7 or even 9 (done on Ch.1 which is by any means a pushover, and attempted on Ch.7 but died in the last room before Thanatos with the Snowman, and AGAIN against Thanatos's... pot form I think...) Some of the Treasure Hunt's "9.0 with clubs" achievements are madness for me and I don't know if I'll ever get to them lol.

Main thing that drives me to go higher is the Intensity Gate. My biggest trouble though is getting to them without, well, going "I'm Finished!" at an inopportune moment (usually in the air since I perform worse than on ground). The one in Ch.23 will taunt me for a while yet...