Favorite Areas?

Each Pikmin game has its own areas. The first game has five areas, while the second game has four areas. Which one of each is your favorite?

In Pikmin, my favorite area is The Impact Site. The first area of the game, is where you crash-landed. I like this place because it is very small, but loads of objects to grow more Pikmin. You can potentially grow over 250 Pikmin here.

In Pikmin 2, my favorite area is Awakening Wood. It's Spring in this area, and like the Impact Site, it's also a great place to grow Pikmin, as well. It's also a good place to collect berries, too.

Here's a reminder of the area names:


The Impact Site
The Forest of Hope
The Forest Navel
The Distant Spring
The Final Trial

Pikmin 2

Valley of Repose
Awakening Wood
Perplexing Pool
Wistful Wild
Pikmin 1, I liked the Impact Site just because it was an awesome place to grow Pikmin and there were few enemies. :p I can't stand the enemies in the Forest Navel nor Distant Spring lol

Pikmin 2...
I don't really like Valley of Repose, since you can't get berries there and it's just rather bland, though I like the caves there. Power-Ups you get are nice.

Perplexing Pool is good, though it can be a jerk when I do No-Death runs. XD Caves there are fun. Even Submerged Castle. The Power-Ups are pretty nice. I also like how it changes depending what day it is. :p

Awakening Wood is alright, you can gather lots of Pikmin and Berries. Caves there are somewhat easy, but the Power-Ups are rewarding. :p

Wistful Wild has the best caves, though it's unfortunate they don't have any Power-Ups. Bringing the Doomsday Device back though takes a reallllllyyyyyyy long time. (where you need 100 Purples) XD