Favorite and Least Favorite Boss?

Can't believe there is no topic on this, you players aren't doing your job right! :p

Anyways, each mansion in the game has their own final boss who is unique in some way. So, if you've completed the game, you have seen them all, which one would be the best one for you? The worst one? What did you liked about it? Is there any other particular reason you liked/disliked that boss?

Looking at some videos, I spoiled the game (oh noes lol), and saw every boss challenge the game has to offer. I must say that if I compare these bosses with the ones from the original game, the new bosses offer a great experience. They could be even better than the ones in the original game. You get something different that goes beyond the simple vacuuming. Now, if I had to choose my favorite and least favorite one...

Favorite: Secret Mine (Not gonna tell the name lol)
Least fav: Old Clockworks (I still like the battle, but it doesn't feel that special like others)
I haven't gotten to King Boo yet but I just defeated the Boolossus like Boo today.But my favorite is either Big Boo, king Boo, or the Grouchy Possessor (Spider Queen). I loved flinging the Boos around and it was very similar to the Boolossus battle from the first Luigi's Mansion.

I definitely hate the Secret Mine boss the most. Timing to actually hit it is incredibly annoying. Your shots have to be very precise. It took me several tries to get three stars for this fight. You have to beat it in like three minutes, I got it though.

Edit: I just beat the game and King Boo is my favorite Boss in this game, it was the most unique. My second would be the Tough Possessor. The battle with the Tough Possessor is very fun and difficult.