Fall Fiesta Sign Ups!

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SuperZambezi said:
Brookelas said:
Brookelas said:
Awww OK. You sure? My brother is kinda upset :(

SZ, there is no way you could stick him into my team, eh?
We currently need someone to fill the last spot for Team #6, so if you really want him on your team, you will need to wait for that last spot to be taken by someone else.

I'll take the spot, if acceptible
Alright, some changes to the teams have been made. Team #6 has been disbanded and the members from that team have been added to the remaining teams. Nintendofan10039 has taken PeachandYoshi's spot in Team #2. And with that, teams are equal and Sign Ups are closed! Here are the final teams:

The Spiritual Fungi Kong Koopalings
  • Vipsoccermaster
  • DeadlyxImpulse
  • Brookelas
  • Lucas9147

Super Princess Mushroom Dino Force
  • Toadette
  • Toblet
  • Mr.Malcolm
  • nintendofan10039

Saxobone Guys
  • Leafeon
  • morteriser
  • gameguy1996
  • Jin Kisaragi

  • Yoshiman222
  • chaosshadow123
  • Frederica Bernkastel
  • Lord Vaati

Rhapsody Core
  • Razor-Blade
  • Spectre
  • Timmy
  • Microphone_Kirby
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