Expert Challenges

One of those nifty features they added in this instalment to extend replay value. :p Are you finding any of the challenges tough or otherwise annoying?

I currently have around 690 points from challenges, I've never had too much difficulty with Excellent 10 and after a few battles No Hitter becomes a piece of cake too. Dodge 10 does trip me up a few times but there is [abbr=Boo Biscuit]one item[/abbr] which is incredibly useful as long as you set your enemy numbers low enough so you don't get random attacks out of nowhere.

Regarding Bros Moves and Luiginary Attacks, [abbr=Luiginary Stack]Luiginary #2[/abbr] gave me a huge headache trying to Excellent and still does to this day, even though I got its challenge complete.

If you find you haven't beaten/dodged enough enemies in an area, come back later once you've moved to a different area and save-quitted. Usually enemies respawn.
Just completed a couple of Expert Challenges in Wakeport. Was easy with the Hermit Crabs, but they were annoying at the level I was in at the time. But glad I got them out of the way. I had to re-try a few times to succeed on Dodge Ten 7, Excellent 7, and No Hitter 16, I believe. After practicing a bit, I completed them.