Earthbound Review (SNES)


Earthbound Review by MLYW​

Earthbound is an RPG for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System made by Nintendo. What separates this game from typical RPGs? Let's continue on.


Story 9/10
Unlike typical JRPGs, this game takes place in an American setting. Instead of magical creatures, you have crazy aliens or even crazy hippies! The game mostly takes place in the country, Eagleland, which resembles the United States.The main character, who you may give any name but I will refer to his default name, Ness is visit from an alien from the future who gives him a warning that the world will be taken over by an evil alien, Giygas, who is the central antagonist. Ness was born with the gifted ability to use PSI, the game's "magic", a powerful physic ability. Across his journey he meets with 3 other chosen children and join him in his journey. On his journey Ness fights formidable and quirky characters from Deadly Krakens to Insane Cultists! The game's story contains a lot of humor and references to American pop culture. Towards the very end, the story begins to turn into a much more darker tone and leads to a great ending.


Gameplay 8/10
The gameplay of Earthbound is similar to the Dragon Quest series.The game's items are western based such as Baseball bats, hamburger, or Yo-yos but some items can be far out such as an item that transforms you into a dragon! You control your characters in the overworld being able to examine objects and talk to people. In the overworld, almost anything can turn out to be an enemy, you can fight New Age Retro Hippies, Insane Cultists, Abstract Art, and much more. The game's main battle system is a typical turn based battle where you have a menu of commands and the enemy onscreen. You can bash, a typical physical attack, use PSI, the game's "magical" attacks, Items, Defend, or Run Away. You are also given the ability to Auto-Fight, which makes the game fight for you but I don't recommend using this. Each of the 4 characters have their own set of abilities that they may learn. For example, Paula can use offensive PSI while Jeff can use machines or bottle rockets but cannot use PSI. After you are done deciding your moves the battle commences and the SPEED of your characters determine the order. EXP is awarded after the end of a battle which may raise you up to new levels where you grow stronger and may learn stronger PSI abilities. The game's weakest point, in my opinion, but it's not a problem.


Graphics 9/10
The game uses some pretty simplistic sprites which gives it a pretty nice feel for the game. However the best graphics of the game can be seen during battle. During battle, the background is usually an psychedelic animation behind the enemy. PSI abilities are given unique animations which usually involve flashing colors or similar effects. It's all really nice to look at.

Soundtrack 9/10
Earthbound has quite a unique soundtrack. The game has a broad amount of musical styles of them ranging from Jazz to Psychedelic. In the overworld you are more likely to hear some great Jazzy tunes which really fit the game's setting. During battle, you are most likely to hear some distorted psychedelic music which fits the whole fighting against alien story. The soundtrack of the game really boosts your experience in the game and bring some memorable tunes.


Difficulty(Based on fairness) 8/10
The game's difficult can vary between different people. For most it's either really easy or very difficult. For most people who have an idea of how to play RPGs will find this game to be very easy. For those who tend to get lost of get lazy to fight battles will find this game to be real tough at parts. The game was sold with a Player's guide so the game was obviously meant to played with a guide as there may be lots of instances where you might get lost. Like I have mentioned, it's either a piece of cake or a pain.


Replay Value 8/10
Earthbound is really a game you play for the experience. It's quirky humor, colorful graphics, and great soundtrack will make you want to experience it several times. There might be a few sections which you might not have enjoyed playing but it's still a great game to play over again and again.

Overall Score 8.5
- Great humor
- Unique soundtrack
- Wonderful story
- Different from typical RPG setting
- Typical RPG gameplay
- May be too difficult for certain players
- Easy to get lost

I would recommend this game to people looking for a great RPG experience.
Vipsoccermaster said:
Seeing as it's a RPG, is it close to Paper Mario?
Not even close, dude. You think all RPG's are like Paper Mario? >.>

Anyways, a wonderous occasion indeed, reviewing an awesome and legendary game like Earthbound for Christmas. I agree with EVERYTHING. In fact, I would have rated it 10 stars for being such a trophy game.