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What did you think of the Final Fantasy version of Smash Bros.?

I really liked the game. It introduced me to playing the beginning FFs like FFIV and FFV a lot more.

I also liked how the Reaction Commands are used RIGHT since their creation in KHII. A lot more better in this since it's an actual 1-on-1 system.

My most used hero is probably Squall Leonhart and my most used villain is definitely Kefka.

A prequel to Dissidia called "012" is about to be released next month. New characters include Tifa Lockhart, Lightning, Laguna Loire, and a few more.

I'll definitely be getting this.
Duodecim, it's called. :p

My friends who I tutor have this, they have a number of charas at Master Level (L100) - I think Cloud, Sephiroth, and a few others.

I suck at this. :p Not used to tactical input atm. Wants to use Onion Knight, Garland, and someone else when I feel like it (Sephiroth :p)