Day or Night?

Which time of the day is better in MP6?

  • Day

    Votes: 7 14.0%
  • Night

    Votes: 43 86.0%

  • Total voters
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I liked the night more because of how dangerous the game gets. :p
Like in Faire Square - Stakes are higher for each game, and greater rewards are available as well.
(Pink) Boo also becomes avaliable in the stages he's in (I don't know which Stages Pink Boos appear in btw - except for Towering Treetop).

...of course, I like Daytime at times for those events that give you coins and items when in night they make you lose them instead. :p
Day is the more general, normal board play, IMO, and night is more the "go big or go home" philosophy.  Lots of events that can cause bigger impacts.  This fact is further proven by Faire Square and how the star can go higher or lower in cost on that board and the happening space in the top-center of the board with the piranha plants.

I happen to prefer day.  MP6, being my favorite MP, is no slouch in boards as all of them are good in day already, and many are more aesthetically pleasing in day.  Day is honestly more fun, and I don't go for "burnt Earth" strategy when I play. :)
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