Crazy Storm

A storm came by here around 5:30 or so. There was lightning everywhere. Now there was one part of this storm that was crazy. I was with my grandma when suddenly a bright flash came from the window. Soon a loud bang occurred and lasted for like 15 seconds. It was a bolt and it was just south of here.

Near the end of the storm, my sister was watching the storm at the south when she suddenly called me and my mom. We went upstairs to her room and looked out the window. Through the trees at the south, there was a fire! The bolt struck a house over there! Fire trucks came and went over there. My mom and sister decided to go over there and see what they can find. I came with them. We got a good view of the house. There was a big hole at the corner of the roof! Most of the fire was gone but there was still some in the attic. The fireman were dousing it off. We took a couple of pictures including one zoomed one. We went back home soon afterwards. The firetrucks stayed there for a couple more hours but are now gone. Crazy experience! The house was like 100 meters away!