Crash Tag Team Racing

This was the sequel to Crash Nitro Kart. You can play a story mode, a multiplayer, and depending on what system you got there's connectable with the PSP or PS2. The story mode has you in an amusement park made by insane genius android, Von Clutch. The Power Gems to the park and the gem that powers him have all been stolen, and you, Crash, are in a contest to find them and win the ownership of the park. Yeah... the storyline really doesn't matter, what matters is the gameplay itself. The story is similar to classic Crash games, collecting crystals to access to new areas, but whats really cool is the racing. What makes this game unique is the ability to combine your car with another racers called "clashing". When you do that one person drives and another mans a turret gun and shoots at opponents. There are pickups on the track like Mario Kart, and when you get one you get a pickup. When clashed with another racer the items you obtain will instantly destroy another car. Each car has its own HP and when it hits 0 its destroyed, but it will respawn. If you destroy an opponents car you gain some turbo boost power. When its full you can unleash rockets to propel yourself into the lead. There's 5 different types of racing games that you can try.
Crashinator: Use your car as a battering ram and destroy targets on the track.
Run and Gun: Take control of a turret and shoot targets in the air.
Rolling Thunder: Take control of a turret and try to destroy as many racers as you can before completing a lap.
Race: A race. The higher you place the more money you win.
Fast Lap: One lap around a course. Finish as fast as you can.
There are also Battle Arena challenges where you fight 3 other clashed vehicles and Stunt Arena challenges where you rotate and flip your car and be a show off.
There are also 34 Die-o-ramas in the game that have Crash die in very different yet time consuming ways. From being eaten by sharks, to being eaten by yetis, to being crushed by falling objects by not paying attention to signs. Find them all and unlock a unique costume. Speaking of those, all characters have alternete clothing styles. (Crash has about 9 or 10, everyone else has only 1.) And each character has 3 different cars. The multiplayer doesn't need to be played by with others. You can play be yourself, so it bears similarities to Brawl's Solo Mode in a way. The storyline isn't that great or worth repeating, but its worth a good couple of days of you locking the basement door, pulling the blinds down, and having a marathon session. The credits can be accessed anytime and lots of the names have funny commentary by Lex Lang (Cortex) and Nolan North (N-Gin). Its about one of the only games thats worth seeing credits with out wanting the punch a hole in the wall. A 5 out of 5. If only they could make a sequel to this Crash game. Or any Crash game for that matter.
cookieboy17 said:
Muggshotter said:
Okay, I'll be honest.

Now THIS game sucked.
Yea it sucked. I don't know why I said it was alright just now cause it isn't, the game has nothing on Mario Kart.
Not that it had nothing on Mario Kart, but it was downright horrible in my opinion. Everything was messy and N. Gin's rockets were overpowered with only one shot killing anyone in sight.