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I'm bored right now. I'm not feeling too good so I decided to forgo going out with friends today and I'm staying home. So I'm gonna play Mario Party 3. So I was like "why not share it with you guys" cause I love all of you so much. So yeah, I'm basically gonna post after every turn about what happens, what minigame, yada ya. You guys can give input so I don't feel so lonely doing this, maybe even help me out on what to do. :p

So uh im gonna play as Mario against Luigi, Peach, and Daisy. As in I just picked everyone on the first row in order. :p It's gonna be 50 turns at Creepy Caverns.
stfu wolf :p

Luigi: Happening Space to move thwomp over (now blocking boo)
Me: Chance time (lol)- It was Peach give a star to Mario but no one has a star. fuck :p
Daisy: Happening space to make top train move her to the right. She's right next to the star and has 20 coins
Peach: Chance time (-_____-)- Luigi gives 1 coin to Peach

Minigame: Trreadmill Grill
Winner: Daisy
Luigi: Red Space
Me: Happening space for train to take me to the left (away from the star...)
Daisy: Gets star (bitch) and next star in by the start area. She's closest wtf
Peach: Item space- wins poison mushroom

Minigame: Thwomp Pull (Luigi vs everyone)
Winner: Luigi (snowball hit us twice)
Luigi: Happening space for top train to take him right side
Me: Chance Time (I choose to go there instead of blue space)- Luigi gives Peach a star but he has none
Daisy: Rides bottom thwomp to right side of the board (away from the star...)
Peach: Blue space

Minigame: Frigid Bridges
Winner: Me (barely over Luigi and Daisy idk what Peach was doing)

Daisy: 1 star 11 coins
Me: 43 coins
Luigi: 14 coins
Peach: 12 coins

There's the stats. It is hard like Wolf said but I'll try to update it every 3 turns or so. And stfu wolf :mad:
Turn 6
Luigi: Gets star and lands on happening space- bottom train moves him to the right side away from star
*star moves RIGHT IN FRONT (like 10 spaces) OF FUCKING DAISY*
Me: Item Space- Baby Bowser Q- Bowser Suit
Daisy: Battle Space! (20 coins woah)
Battle Game: Locked Out
Winner: DAISY fml! I finished 2nd
Coin distribution: Daisy 39 Me 17 Peach 1
Peach: Uses poisen mushroom on daisy (who is one space away from the star) and lands on blue space

Minigame: Messy Memory
Winner: I forgot to memorize it so I copied Peach :p We both one lol

Daisy: 2 star 43 coins
Luigi: 1 star 0 coins
Me: 53 coins
Peach: 14
Turn 7:
Luigi: Item Space- Skeleton Key
Me: Buy Boo Bell and play Item Game
Swing N Swipe- Boo Bell lmao
Daisy: Gets star and lands on blue space (bitch bitch bitch)

Minigame: Cheep Cheep Chase (auto loss for me)
Winner: Daisy

Everyone has a star but me :( I'm stuck in an endless circle at the top left of the board but i have 2 boo bells ;D
Turn 8:
Luigi: Item Space top right area of board- Mushroom
Me: Item Space- Nothing since I have 3 items
Daisy: Gets ANOTHER STAR lands on item space- skeleton key
Next Star: Near thwomp train area bottom right area of board Peach is nearest
Peach: Blue Space about 5 away from star and now has 20 coins

Minigame: M.P.I.Q. (BILLY!)
Winner: Me

Daisy- 4 stars 16 coins
Peach: 1 star 20 coins
Luigi- 1 Star 0 coins
Mario- 43 coins
Turn 9:
Luigi: Uses Mushroom to get 3 and 3 (10 extra coins) and lands on blue space
Me: Bowser Space- Reverse Curse
Daisy: Backward to blue space
Peach: Backward to one space ahead of star (what a dumbass move lol)

Minigame: Boulder Ball (Me vs everyone)
Winner: Team of 3 (thanks to Peach and my shitty aim)
Turn 10:
Luigi: backward to CHANCE TIME (yay...)- Peach gives 10 coins to me (yay :D)
Me: Steal star from PEACH BY ACCIDENT SHIT SHIT SHIT I hit choose for me cause i wanted to be a smartass and backward land on CHANCE TIME (damn)- I give all (3) of my coins to Peach
Daisy: Bowser Space- -20 coins yay
Peach: Land on Happening Space for bottom thwomp to take her to left, she picks up Daisy on path

Minigame: The Beat Goes On
Winner: Me after a long game