Columns 3 Review

Hmm, my first review.
The reviews will be scaled from 0 to 6.
0 means Unacceptable, 1 means Very Bad, 2 means Bad, 3 means Average, 4 means Good, 5 means Great, 6 means Perfect.


Columns III is a puzzle game released in Genesis/Megadrive, and it's a sequel to earlier-released Columns and Columns II.

Graphics: 3/6
Well, the graphics aren't really bad for a Genesis game, but it isn't as spectacular, as games like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Music: 6/6
The music of this game is AMAZING! They are one of the best musics I have ever heard.
My favorites are Column Dive (The Ending Theme), Full Match (The Normal vs.CPU Battle), The Final Boss Battle, and the 3rd Multiplayer Battle one. (Remix of Clotho)

Controls: 5/6
Mostly, the controls are fine, other than the fact you might confuse the A/C Button (Attack) with the B Button. (Shuffle)

Story: 2/6
Basically, you explore Columns Pyramid, which has a treasure inside it, but no-one who entered the pyramid has returned.
You have to get that treasure.
Come on, you can do better than that, Sega.

Gameplay: 4/6
Basic Gameplay is pretty simmilar to Columns 1.
Columns of 3 different jewels are falling down, and you can shuffle them.
If 3 or more jewels matches horizontally/diagonally/vertically, they will dissapear.
However, there's one main change in this game- this game introduces 'Crush Bar', 'Magic Jewels', and 'Flashing Jewels'.
Crush Bars take a portion of your opponent's field- you can make 1 row go up if you disappeared 10 jewels, 2 rows if 20 jewels, and 3 rows if 30 jewels are disappeared. Further in this review, I'll say 'making the opponent's crush bar go up' as 'attack's.
Flashing Jewels do something bad to your opponent if disappeared (for example, not being able to shuffle), and they are earned when you make a 3 or higher chain.
Magic Jewels can either raise the opponent's crush bar, decrease your crush bar, or eliminate all of the same jewels.
The gameplay is pretty great- however, I took 1 point away, since they concerntrated too much on multiplayer mode, so that there are NO mode you can play by yourself.

Single Player: 2/6
Single Player games involve you going through levels, fighting harder and harder enemies.
You can also get items, which will help you on this mode.
A reason for a low grade is,
1. There are no 'Play by yourself' mode.
2. Some of the opponents are brutal, especially in hard mode.
Seriously, Sega, it would have been nicer if you both included this kind of single player mode, and the 'play by yourself' mode.

Multi-Player: 5/6
Clearly, the heart of the game.
There are many modes you can play- 1vs1, vs3, 1vs2, vs4, and finally, vs5.
I have to praise Sega for making that many Multiplayer modes- but I took 1 point off, since you can only attack your opponent on left or right, in vs4 and vs5. There could be some way that could attack the farther opponents. Right? Right?

Replay Value: 3/6
The various multi-player modes saved this from getting a bad rating- if there were only single player mode and only few multiplayers mode, this would have gotten a bad rating.
Anyway, that means the replay value is better, if you have friends.

30/48= 3.75/6

Play This Game: You have a lot of friends, who are willing to play this game with you.
Play Columns 1 instead: You don't need that diverse multiplayer mode, and you just want to play by yourself.
Play Super Columns instead: You both want 'Play by yourself' mode and the vs. com Story Mode.
Don't Play: You hate puzzles.