Character Suggestions

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Bowser44 said:
Spyro the dragon*
Cynder the dragon*
Dixie Kong

* Dragon from Legends of Spyro. Also seem in My dream.


^ He doesn't support your dream.
Spyro is male purple dragon. Cynder is female black dragon. From legends of Spyro: Dawn of the dragon. big than DK near Bowser. They're adult. Have long wing. Both dragon strongest as Bowser. Spyro & Cynder are friend of my mii. Can brave jump. Can horn attack beacuse cannot punch. They're dragon can fly. Can climb. Can swim. Heavy enough to attack any character. I believe Be best character. Can hard battle or race against Bowser or DK. Hope fun with Spyro & Cynder called Legendary Dragon.
I think Nintendo would only add characters that have hands or some sort of arm. They might not add playable characters such as Goomba,Cheep Cheep. Also if they added petey he would be very big so that would be a problem. In the Mario Party 9 trailer anyone notice Toad's body get smushed when he hits the block around 0:46
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