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This topic is made solely for the purpose of discussing what characters should be included in the next Mario Party. This is so duplicate topics are not made and don't cluster the board.

Please give specific reasons on why you want them to be in it. Don't just spam/post-pump and reply with a bunch of names (or Smilies).

I think they should bring back Baby Bowser. He was one of the few antagonists to choose. It's always better to have more characters to choose from. I also think they should bring DK and Diddy. DK was one of my favorite characters, along with my friends, and Diddy was an awesome addition to Mario Kart, so why not add them? I just think they should add more characters in case they do make a Wi-fi board feature, it would be nicer to have a lot of characters to play with.
I would totally want Diddy Kong to be a playable character. He has been great friends with Mario and others, and I think it's time that he deserved his right to be playable, too. (I would think Donkey Kong will also agree. :p) Perhaps Doney Kong can return to be as a playable character so that he could help out Diddy Kong in Team Play, it would make sense for the appropiate combination for the default team. I would say that Funky Kong can take over DK's role of his own Space. Diddy Kong has been with Mario and friends since Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour on the Nintendo GameCube.
After playing SMG2...

I noticed this little guy and couldn't come up with a reason not to include Whittle as a playable character in Mario Party 9. He is for once not an enemy and is actually a very unique character (when was the last time you saw a character made completely out of wood :p). These guys are quite humorous with their incorrect grammar but I'm not too concerened since they are, after all, trees.  :p
Here's a post that I wrote in the Month of Pressure (April).

There may be even a character that represents a cute little girl named Allison (Age 8) that loves to wear big hats, and a big diabolical hat thief named Micah (About Wario's age) made by Nintendo! If these 2 characters join, there may be a movie made by me called Allison and Toadette VS Waluigi and Micah! Oh, Micah has a good relationship to characters without hats (except if they are cute) and Wario & Waluigi.

These characters will look like anime people.

Sushi Boy: ...LOL XD
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