Changes to MP9 Style?

Well, here's some things of the game I'd change personally.

-Obvious Major Luck: That's one key quality that just can't remain. I get Nintendo is trying to get everyone and their moms to play, but it really gets annoying when 95% of EVERYTHING relies on you being lucky (which can sometimes never happen). Mario Party has always been part luck, part strategy, and part skill. There's still some strategy, but even the strategy relies on luck... and there's literally no skill. Take out a good chunk of the luck, and we'll be good.

-Better Item System: MP9's Item system was a load of shit. Dice Blocks? For real? They may help sometimes, but they really don't help you the way they should. How about start delivering normal Items, that can double your dice block, steal Mini-Stars from another player, cause a trap a couple spaces ahead, etc. Just something different than MP9's, because MP9's was really stupid and not that creative.

-Walkers: I don't mind walkers that much, but c'mon... if you don't move a certain number you lose HALF your Mini Stars? For real? I would NOT mind if it's like you lose 10 Mini Stars or whatever, but losing half your Mini Stars is ridiculous. Especially at the end... Lessen the amount you lose or just not have it at all.

-Mini-Game Payouts: I can understand if you wanna give a little something to 2nd and 3rd, but they should not get almost the EXACT same amount as the player who won. The player who won, WINS that mini-game, they should get a high amount as the others failed. At least make it like: 1st - 10 Mini Stars, 2nd - 3 Mini Stars, 3rd - 1 Mini Star, and 4th gets nothing.

-Less Bad/Luck Group Events: You don't know how much I can't stand when someone lands on the Bowser Space, and then I get screwed over. Or if a Captain Event happens and I get the raw end of the stick. It's not fair to have an event that pretty much screws me up, when it was SUPPOSE to screw the player who landed on it. Keep it solo, or just get rid of events like this all together.

-Character Roster: This isn't that big of a deal to me, but please add back Boo/Toadette/Blooper, and we're good to go.

Those are some key qualities I think should be changed. Luck has been the main problem of this game from what I've seen, and part of it is un-intentional, but some things are just luck haven and it's annoying. And of course, there's no Items to help you out and/or harm your opponents, so everything relies on luck. I think the main problem is just as I said; everything relies on luck. Add more Skill and Strategy and you'll fix the already huge chunk of the problem. So, the way to break this is to dig up the root of the problem and fix it up.

-Add Items to help you and harm others.
-Add more Mini Star passing events for people to pick up.
-Add more Spaces that are pleasurable for solo and/or skilled based.
-Remove Walkers or make it so they don't take that much.
-Have skill-based Captain Events/Etc.
-And Captain Events that aren't completely biased...
-MiniGame Payouts should be more fair towards the winner.
-Better Character Roster.
Staryu pretty much nail on the spot, but he forgot one thing.

Boss Battle were so easy and unfair. The boss literally has 0% chance of winning and the players have 100% chance of winning. There require less strategy and more prediction. At least make the players have health or something so they don't survive forever...

-Boss Battles: Make it more challenging by add some sort of gimmick, don care what it is but it challenging.
SpiderStaryu said:
add back Boo/Toadette/Blooper, and we're good to go.

You would pick Blooper over Dry Bones?? Something is wrong with this world.

My main concern is the luck factor (which affects pretty much every aspect of the game :p). I know it's a board game, but the fact that nothing really matters because you will probably get screwed over on a Bowser space at the end signifies that there is too much luck.