Challenge #5 - Create the Banner!

Challenge #5 - Create the Banner!
[October 28]


Fall Fiesta was originally scheduled to last four challenges, but we decided to add a final challenge! This one will be simple and there will only be a single task. As some of you may remember, Arctic Activities was a past event held last December that featured daily individual challenges for the entire month. We plan to do the same event this year under the name of Blizzard Bonanza!

So what does this have to do with this challenge? Your task as a team will be to create the logo for Blizzard Bonanza. The logos will be judged by the staff and the winner's logo will be featured as the main logo for the upcoming event! Here is the Arctic Activities logo from last year as an example:


If possible, provide a version of the logo with a transparent background so that it can be used in other ways.

Please submit to your "Final Answers" topic by Sunday, and here is the point breakdown:

Point Breakdown
1st - 200 points
2nd - 100 points
3rd - 75 points
4th - 50 points
5th - 25 points
Results are in! We had four different entries.

For our third and fourth place winners...

4th Place - Rhapsody Core Board


3rd Place - The Spiritual Fungi Kong Koopalings


And now for our second and first place winners...

2nd Place - TheChaoticCriminalYoshis~


1st Place - Super Princess Mushroom Dino Force


Final Results!

1. Super Princess Mushroom Dino Force - 200 points
2. TheChaoticCriminalYoshis~ - 100 points
3. The Spiritual Fungi Kong Koopalings - 50 points
4. Rhapsody Core Board - 25 points

(Points adjusted for lack of fifth entry)