Challenge #3 - Rebus Revenge

Our next challenge for this week is Rebus Revenge!











We need to figure these out. Anyone here good at rebuses?

Also, we still have Challenge #2 going on.
Here we have some hints. We must submit our choices by 12:00 AM PDT.

A-1: Take all three parts at face value; over-think it and you won't get it.
A-2: If Koopas were like charging horses, I could take em out easily with that weapon on the left...
B-1: What type of money is it? What's happening to it?
B-2: Something big needs to be abbreviated here...
B-3: Arrows pointing "up"... maybe...?
C-1: Only one of the three represent a video game element.
C-2: A suit is usually represented by its...?
D-1: UNO! Um... that's a...
D-2: That's a jigsaw puzzle of our planet isn't it?
D-3: If only I had the 10, Q, K and A to complete a crunchy flush...
Hints for this set of rebuses:

Title: Stars and Shines are obvious, but turning a page? Man I should read books more often...
A-1: Y'know, I'm sure a wind instrument and a mask might help with the second half... NO! Not a recorder! >:E
B-1: Science buffs will know that the man has a connection to lightbulbs and telephones. As for the pigs... oink.
B-2: That armor goes on someone's...? AAAAAAAACK -gets electrocuted- I?... -faints-
B-3: Take this one by labeling each thing and then putting them in order. Why is Blue there? Probably to mock you.
B-4: Dyllis would agree that you should play more Capcom games, and that herbs are delicious in meals.
C-1: Looks like Mario went to the world of Kid Icarus recently and scored big time... or maybe dealt his rivals 26 points' of damage.
C-2: If only there was this cap I could use... -cough-
C-3: That word made by those letters... fire and ice...
D-1: Exactly what's there in the cage there kids. If you don't get this one you'll have the same fate as that sun.
D-2: Where is that shoe thing with respect to the beast?

BTW, I don't think some of them are even related to mini-games.
Hints for the next set:

C-1: Chickens can 'see' that the riddle in question is nowhere near as pretty as the Delta Red agent. See what? Maybe take a look at where they're trapped.
C-2: A perfume by Hugo Boss... sounds powerful. Powerful enough for my music to go looooooow...
D-1: I don't know if Boos eat desserts, but I looooove that lemon flavor.
D-2: Finding one's inner energy is liking unlocking it with a key. Key...
D-3: Whatever type of orange that is, the carnivorous fish ain't liking it.
D-4: Despite the clue, I don't think the guy labelled by these symbols hangs out in casinos.
D-5: 60s music makes a great distraction from taking an arrow to the knee.
D-6: Wakka wakka. Eeh, the other guys are more worrying, this guy won't dare collide with me.
D-7: How many Es?
D-8: Not like I'd get Stars after slam dunking...
Last set of hints:

Title: Thank goodness I still have my 1-10 Dice Blocks! I'd hate having to use 1-6 all day >.<
A-1: What color is the D? That might help. // The guy represents a 'goon'.
A-2: How would you address someone with the title of KBE? // My belly can't stomach that first image... it's not what I think it is...
B-1: The guy who owns this one forgot to add his name to it. Who's the owner? Check A-2. (also my fault, I'll accept an answer with or without the owner) // Abbreviate SOMETHING.
B-2: Check the hiragana tables for that Asian character. // The blue square means something to do with the family... but be brief.
C-1: Find the character that means large/big, and pronounce it! // No, that isn't an axe on the right. I'd use that thing for mountain expeditions. (Not that I climb mountains.)
C-2: Just follow the string of objects to solve this one. // I don't harbor good feelings towards that seaside image...
D-1: Grass isn't ground so what is it? // SmitRem has nothing on my fog XD
D-2: The focus of attention is where...? // The name should ring a bell, but I don't know of any rings to pick up - you're playing the wrong game broski.
D-3: Hey! Don't listen! Just look! // Color is not always important.
D-4: It's sad that the original members of this children's show are no longer together... but their legacy wriggles on. // The guy at the bottom will 'something' from unwanted intruders...