Challenge #2 - Riddle Hunt

A new challenge deserves a new topic. :p Basically each riddle is hidden on the forum or main site; hence, the temporary removal of the search button.

1st riddle
Back in the land of green,
Where things were the simplest,
The image is where it's at.

Toadette said:

2nd Riddle:
Milk and deserts are not uncommon,
With 366 days to go,
I'm on the very first page.

3rd Riddle:
Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red,
Surrounded in a circle of green,
A special link waits below.

4th Riddle:
This page exists for a special reason,
Within it one can find the dates 1985, 1992, 1999, 2002, and 2012,
For the link, look carefully.

5th Riddle:
Four friends, four prizes
One scenic view,
Upon the man that is a Yoshi.

Lol the final riddle wasn't too difficult to find. Though, we still have to find all the riddles in-between. :p

Final Riddle (No we're not finished :p)

Now go to your "Final Answers" topic and list all the locations of the riddles. You should have 11 in all, including this page!

nintendofan10039 said:
going with what SZ has stated.  I believe that I know what it is now.  The answer is hootenany the wiggler from Mario Party 2, not animal crossing.  The wiggler on the western land board is part of something to do with milk I believe, and the western has to do with a desert(not dessert).
It does make a lot of sense :p, but I couldn't find anything in the Western land topic... And what's the Hootenanny got to do with 366 days?

Unless we're looking for a different topic? (Still related to MP2 - Hootenanny?)