Challenge #2 - Riddle Hunt

1st Riddle

Back in the land of green,
Where things were the simplest,
The image is where it's at.

Easy. The green image on the left, under the very first layout.

Leads to this:

2nd Riddle

Milk and deserts are not uncommon,

With 366 days to go,

I'm on the very first page.

Hmm, might need help here. Milk and deserts are not uncommon, 366 days to go, and he's on the very first page...

This is as far as I've gotten.
Vipsoccermaster said:
DeadlyxImpulse said:
Brookelas said:
Question. Is there a Wiggler page on the MPL?

A whole page dedicated to wiggler, Not to my knowledge. But I think wiggler offers beer and liquor?
I kept searching on the website, but still can't find anything.

I think we are trying to hard, the answer might just be in front us.

look at the last image, I think the crowd could be the riddle.