Brook's Countdown #1 - Top 11 Upcoming Mario Titles (including Wii Party U)

Hey guys! I have a blog! YAY! I decided to start with a countdown on the games I am most excited for (in the Mario series). I included Wii Party U in this just because :p

Sooo... let's start with...



Meh... the game DOES look great, however it still looks too similar to the past games in the series, with nothing too unique.  Chances are I will still get this game as I get every Mario game, however, I would buy other ones over this one.
From here on out... it is the best of the best. These are the four games I cannot WAIT to play. Sadly, I did have to order them... soooooo...



This was actually pretty hard to place this game in 4th. It seems like a GREAT game! IT EVEN HAS TOADETTE IN IT!!!! :D However, anti-gravity looked cool at first, until you realize it is just racing on walls, but the camera tilts and it looks, and probably feels, the same. There is no other new features confirmed. HOWEVER, I still am DYING to get this game.