"Boats" has to end

Lakilester said:
But what about when Aegis calls me a f**got? That annoys me and he constantly says it and makes other crude jokes. :p

There's nothing wrong with telling the truth, that's what my mom always said.
Steve the Trooper said:
MattC13 said:
Steve the Trooper said:
I'll still keep calling Czar Czar Cook.
One of the many reasons why Snowy or most people here don't respect you.
He didn't respect me BEFORE I started calling him Czar. And I don't care about image Matt.
Doesn't matter, if you piss him off even more you're not helping yourself.

And you should care about your image here. Unless you want everyone on the forum to hate you.
Like, it goes both ways guys. Billy AND Snowy don't respect each other, you shouldn't be only getting mad at Billy, you should also say something to Snowy, since he doesn't help himself by basically being an asshole to Billy even when Billy doesn't do anything wrong. Both need to stop.

And yes Billy, you should care about your image. I mean, you don't want to be the most hated person being hated by everyone. I don't hate you though. :)